About Us

Pomegranite started as a partnership between two determined English literature graduates: Liz (who was searching for something more dynamic than academia) and Sarah (who wanted to escape the high heels of the PR industry). We set out to build a business that was our own – one that we loved to rock up to every day.

Early on, we found that there was a market for assisting brands to represent themselves well online. Have you ever been to an amazing restaurant and then looked them up online and thought: “Man that’s a bad website!”? That gap – between the online representation and the real world – is what we set out to close, and something that we endeavour to do on a daily basis. The problem: so many websites we saw failed to paint an accurate picture of a brand.

Our team has grown to include Riyad, a highly talented front-end developer, Carla, another English literature graduate, who joined us as an intern and is now coding up a storm, and Alex, a deft hand at social media and content development. We also have a pool of exceptional freelance designers who we work with where necessary. These additions to our team allow Pomegranite to offer a broad range of high quality services without losing our personal relationships with clients.

We begin each new project by listening and understanding who you are and what you need in order to grow your business online. We’ve found that if you have that solid foundation in place and the technical skills to make your vision a reality, you can produce something exceptional.

And in a world awash with brands vying for attention “on-the-line”, you need exceptional; you need to stand out. We love nothing more than finding that thing that sets you apart from everyone else, and telling that story, well.

The Team


Liz Fletcher

Bossy little sister. Grew up in a household of four children and lots of books. Rhodes graduate, band manager, lecturer, freestyle dancer, academic, author of (published) short stories. MA in crime fiction. Able to see the big picture but not lose sight of the smaller details. Is a firm believer in vests and adequate socks. Believes cranberries are the new raisins.

Liz says: ``Academia gave me a solid foundation, but the more freelance writing I did, the more I saw how I could help clients with their websites, blogs and social media. I got excited working on these projects and so enjoyed helping them grow, so I started Pomegranite.``


Sarah Gurney

Writer, since she was little. Currently writes less frequently about princesses and tigers. Rhodes graduate, communications writer and editor, media developer, social media strategist. Stickler for grammar, lover of wit, words and wine. Keen traveller – whether it’s to the corner café for a chocolate croissant or to a place where the street signs are a mystery.

Sarah says: ``Words have always held a certain fascination for me, right from when I learned to read. Communicating exactly what you need to say – especially in writing – is not always easy, but it’s so important. And it’s one of the things we do best at Pomegranite. Tell us what you want to say, and we’ll tell you how (and where) to say it.``


Riyad Hartley

CPUT graduate, front-end developer, husband, running and fitness enthusiast. Plagued by an online shopping addiction. Kind, gentle and excessively patient with Liz, Sarah and Carla who badger him with technical questions. Believes that wearing sunglasses inside is acceptable. Always up for a philosophical debate, even if it ends in him slowly backing away from three outspoken feminists.

Riyad says: ``Since starting out in the media industry, I have learnt the importance of building sites that target the client’s audience in the most direct way. I have always enjoyed the design process of a website. Even though all websites are comprised of the same elements, no two projects are ever the same.``


Carla Turner

Enthusiastic about most things. Strong academic background and an eagerness to learn that has yet to be dampened. UCT graduate, lover of Lomography, yoga and animals. Occasional hula hooper and surprise code lover. Endears herself to Liz and Sarah through genuinely eager remarks such as: ``So, what are we going to do tomorrow?`` Fast becoming one of those annoying people who loves their job so much that she’s constantly talking about it.

Carla says: ``I have always been baffled by the world that exists beyond school and university. I have never really understood what people do in the millions of offices scattered across the globe on a day-to-day basis. Working at Pomegranite has opened my eyes to a whole new world.``


Alex Fearon

Once an owner of an imaginary horse. Lover of stories, cats and public spaces with ample bicycle parking. Fiction fanatic. Passionate about social justice issues and for standing up for what's right. Not passionate about hiking and people who don't use indicators. Stellies graduate. Constantly amazed by the storytelling power of social media.

Alex says: ``Studying politics and history drove my love for current affairs. Social media platforms give us all a real-time commentary on what's happening around us,whether its general election coverage or being able to know the exact demographic of your business's Facebook page. Social media's ever changing versatility is exactly why I love what I do``.


The Name

Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy The NameWe get three types of reactions to our business’s name:


People are unsure whether we know how to spell or not. They usually don’t say anything and just stare at the name for a while and then at us and then back at the name.


See that we know how to spell and that the name is a play on the fruit and the stone to create something new. Seeing the logo they usually respond with “Huh, cool.” These are obviously our favourite people.

No Reaction

The person doesn’t know how to spell the fruit, pomegranate, and hence doesn’t notice. What can you do?

If you’d like to read more about where the name came from, you can read this.