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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – glossary of terms

Direct (traffic)

Users who typed your website’s URL into their browser or clicked a link in an email application.

Engaged sessions

The number of sessions which last longer than 10 seconds, includes at least one conversion or includes two or more page views.

Engagement rate

The percentage of engaged sessions, calculated by dividing the number of engaged sessions by the total number of sessions.


GA4 collects all data as events. Events include page views, session starts and user engagement, and other automatically collected events.

Event count

The number of times an individual event was triggered, or the overall number of events triggered.

Events per session

The average number of events collected for each session, calculated by dividing the number of events by the number of sessions.

New users

Users who visited your website for the first time in the selected date range.

Organic social (traffic)

Users arrive on your website by clicking on a link via an organic social media post (not paid).

Referral (traffic)

This is reported when a user clicks through to your website from another third-party website.


Single visits to your website by individual users, consisting of one or more pageviews and other interactions.

Sessions per user

The average number of sessions per user, calculated by dividing the number of sessions by the number of active users.

Total users

The total number of unique users who triggered any event.


The number of times a web page was viewed. Repeated views of a single page or screen are counted. This is calculated by adding screen view and page view events.