Google Analytics report: glossary of terms

General statistics

Average session duration

The average length of time users are spending on your website.

Bounce rate

The percentage of sessions in which users view a single page and then leave your website.

New User

Users who visited your website for the first time in the selected date range.

Pages per session

The average number of pageviews in each session.


A pageview is counted when a page has been viewed by a user on your website.


A single visit to your website by an individual user, consisting of one or more pageviews and other interactions.

Unique pageview

Google Analytics counts a page visit once even if it was viewed multiple times within a single session.


An individual person browsing your website.

How users are finding your website


Users who typed your website’s URL into their browser or clicked a link in an email application.


This is reported when a user clicks through to your website from another third-party website.


Traffic coming from social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Devices users are using to visit your website


This allows you to view which devices users are using to visit your website.