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One-page websites

High impact, low investment
One-page websites are steadily gaining popularity, not just because they are user-friendly and accessible, but also because they require less of an investment than larger sites. Building on WordPress means you can easily add pages as and when you need to in the future, should you wish to expand your site.
Rather than being an archive, your site becomes an impactful online brochure, with a full menu that takes users directly to the relevant section of the page as they click.

Strategic add-ons

Blog/news: this allows you space to add longer articles to your site, expanding on content you feel is important, or weaving storytelling into your online presence to showcase impact.
Donate page: if fundraising is critical to your organisation, a stand-alone donate page can be added, allowing users to donate either directly via your website or through a third-party platform.
Our one-page website offering is popular with organisations that need to be as strategic as possible with budget, but value the thoughtful, custom service that Pomegranite is known for.

A recent example of a one-page website we’ve built

Starting from R40,000 (excluding VAT)


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