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How to deal with a bad day at work

By Alex

I love my job, but that doesn’t mean that every day isn’t irritation-free. Anything ranging from bouncing emails, negative client feedback or the internet conking out can completely ruin your day.

You also can’t always separate your work and home life, which means that you could behave like a chop in the office because your washing machine is broken – again. This year Pomegranite has started a weekly catch up session called “What’s your vibe?” (because Cape Town). It’s very informal and provides us with a space to share both good and bad things that are happening in our week. Very often just letting your team know what’s going on with a project you’re working on can fix a bad day at work. But if that’s not enough, here are some of our favourite things to do to de-stress.READ MORE

2017 Pomegranite

Goal setting in the New Year

Pomegranite has been back in the office since the 5th of January and so far, we’ve been slowly easing into the New Year. When Riyad arrived back at work on the 12th, the office finally felt complete again, and so we set off on an inspiration afternoon on the 13th. The activity of choice? Handstands, picnicking, ripe mango and goal setting for the year to come.


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Goodbye 2016!

I think I’d been working at Pomegranite for less than a week when everyone told me about how excited I should be for our year-end party/inspiration day. Riyad even dubbed last year’s one as one of the best days of his life.