5 Tips for Content Building on your Website

This week Riyad, our very capable front end developer, outlines 5 tips for content building on your website.

So your website is in the process of being designed and you now have the task of deciding what goes where? You may be a small business that offers many services wondering how to showcase all of them effectively? Or maybe you are a photographer wanting to showcase all of your pictures from the past twelve months? Or maybe you’re selling products and need to ensure that users are exposed to as many products as possible from the moment the webpage loads.


Inspiration Day at the Aquarium

When was the last time you felt the wonder of stroking a whale’s tooth as tall as your whole body, the excitement of seeing tiny sea horses zoom around each other, or basked in the light of a 200 million litre shark tank? It had been a while for us. The Two Oceans Aquarium got us away from our screens, out of our heads and feeling like kids again.


Hello world – I’m the new girl at Pomegranite

“Thanks, and after you’ve done that newsletter could you please upload this blog post and then Tweet and Instagram and Facebook and also could you please just convert all these PDFs to JPGs?”

You guys – having an intern is the BEST. Having a clever one who uses her initiative and catches on to new concepts at the speed of light is even better. Meet Carla – she’s awesome. And you’ll be hearing from her a lot in the coming months!


Working with Pomegranite: How it all began

Ask a web developer to “please write a quick blog post”, and you will see panic in his eyes. Luckily, our lovely Riyad is multi-talented (and has wonderful things to say). Here’s his take on working with Pomegranite so far.

It’s been just over a month since I started working with Liz and Sarah and it’s been great! We’ve actually known each other for some time as I had done a lot of freelance work for them over the last couple of years, and I’ve also got to know them a bit along the way.