Everything you were too embarrassed to ask about blockchain Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy

Everything you were too embarrassed to ask about blockchain

Blockchain is a buzzword people love to use in the tech startup space. I would often use the word in conversations, round table discussions and networking events without truly knowing what the word meant. Fake it till you make it right? However, as the trend kept growing, I knew I had to learn more about it.


on the importance of updates pomegranite online presence consultancy

On the importance of WordPress updates

So you want a WordPress website, you contact some lovely developers (like Pomegranite), they build you a site and once it is live you never log in again.

A few months down the line you find some kind of issue on the site. Maybe you are receiving a huge amount of spam (viagra anyone?), perhaps the look of the site has changed and you don’t know why, or maybe the site speed has slowly degraded.

Why has this happened? In short, updates. Updates that have not been done. READ MORE

how to create a solid brief

How to create a solid brief

So you’ve sent work for approval and the feedback you receive is finally a description of what was required in the first place. We’ve all been there – whether it’s with a client or within your own team. A solid brief can determine the success of a project but is often not given proper attention because communicating properly takes effort. Here is a look at how to create a good brief and some practical tips for extracting one. READ MORE