Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy From workshop to website to welcoming crowds

From workshop to website to welcoming crowds

It gives you quite a thrill – working with entrepreneurs who have a cracking idea, workshopping the branding and business plan, designing the logo, building the website, and then experiencing their finished product and being blown away.

At the beginning of the year, Marc and Monika (a chef and an opera singer who are a married couple) came to see us about their business idea: Sing for Your Supper. They wanted to offer people a new and exciting way to experience opera that didn’t require a bank loan and a ball gown – an experience that came with delicious food in the bargain.

We explored their idea, asked some difficult questions and together we built the elements of their online marketing: a logo (with the help of the talented indieBerries), a blog, and a website.

Happy with the way these turned out, Marc and Monika started planning their first event, which I attended last week. And wow, was I impressed! (You can read just how impressed I was over here.)

Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy From workshop to website to welcoming crowds

You guys – do yourself a favour and book for one of their upcoming events. You’re in for an evening of incredible food, great entertainment and a whole new appreciation of opera. Even if opera was the last thing on your list, (even if was the very last thing, like after the dentist maybe) this is something you should try. Because it’s nothing like traditional opera.

In between courses, Monika chats to you about the aria she will be singing, telling you what’s going on in the opera at that point, how the character is feeling and what she’s singing about (which ranges from heart-breaking to hilarious).

Watching this business grow from idea to ideal and being a part of its journey was just such an affirmation of why we do what we do. Apart from the warm-and-fuzzies we get from seeing our clients succeed, life is never boring when clients like chefs and opera singers walk through your door!

Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy From workshop to website to welcoming crowds

website signoff tips

Five website sign-off tips for clients

So you’re in the final meeting with your web designer/agency, it’s been two months of looking at screen designs, prepping content and, if you’re using WordPress, possibly more time looking at themes and functions. Now the moment is here and the final sign-off meeting has arrived.

Clicking through web pages has never been more gratifying as you compare, load, reload and check content. But are you missing something? Are there things that should be in place before you give the all clear?

Here are my top five items you should ensure are in place before signing off any website.

1) Google Analytics

Google Analytics are blocks of code that are embedded in each page which allow tracking of website data.

2) Favicon

This is the little icon that appears in your browser when you visit a website; it’s more of a branding visual that adds that extra bit of value to any site.

3) Structured URLs

URLs are the links in your browser that load each time you navigate pages; these should mimic or relate to the page they go i.e. if the page you’re going to has the heading “welcome to our business” the URL should reflect this: “http://www.yourdomain.com/welcome-to-our-business”
or something along those lines.

4) Responsive layout

In today’s digital realm with the technology and HTML advances there is no excuse not to have a site that at least adheres to tablet screen size (1024 * 768).

5) Out-bound links actually link outbound

Out-bound links are those links that drive visitors away from your site – for example, an affiliate logo that goes to a different site. Theses links should always open in a new window or tab and should not open a new site over yours.

IMG 1652

Step inside our office: A little photo tour

It hasn’t been that long since we moved offices, but we’re so at home here in this light, sunny, friendly space that it feels like much longer.

Liz wrote a bit about the philosophy behind this great coworking space in Cape Town, so I thought I’d give you a little visual window into the space where we spend our days at 75 Harrington Street.


The side of the building that can be seen from the parking lot. There is SO much awesome street art in this area.


Looking up…


We’re on the third floor – along with these other awesome businesses. It’s the most inspiring thing, being surrounded by young entrepreneurs who are just making things happen. You can feel it in the energy of the building as you walk in.


There’s always an interesting event happening at 75. Always.


Our little corner


More of the amazing street art. And the mountain. Always the mountain.


Then there’s this guy. Just because. (And Pomegranite in the background)


Our sunshiney kitchen


Light, bright space and awesome people


Our “opposite” neighbour was actually one of our first clients, White Rabbit Days. We find ourselves wandering into this treasure trove of beautiful jewellery more often than we probably should.


This fist-pumping cat was a gift on our first birthday. It was supposed to bring us good luck and ALL the money. Looking at the way we’ve grown in the last little while, I’d say it can stay.