Original blog: Where the magic happens, 9 May 2013 (Liz/Sarah)

Pomegranite has a new partner. You haven’t heard from her yet because, although she’s resigned, she’s still working out the notice period of her day job. Meetings have been held under streetlights in mackintosh raincoats (even on sunny days), emails have been sent in code (that neither of us understand). I can’t reveal who she is yet, but here’s a post from our mystery operative. 

Where the magic happens

There are a lot of teachers in my family – my mom, my sister, my aunt, my cousin. I even taught for a while in Korea, but that only lasted a year and a half and was more about the travel opportunities than the noble profession of imparting knowledge to small humans.
The great thing about having teachers in the family, though, is that they come home every day with stories about the hilarious/profound/ridiculous things that kids say. I keep telling my mom she should write them all down – I know there’s a book in it somewhere.

While the funny comments are my favourite, it’s a more profound one that has stuck with me. When asked what it means to be brave, one child said, after some contemplation: “It means being really, really scared – but doing it anyway.”

This is how I feel about my next big venture.

When Liz called me a couple months ago with the idea of starting a business together, I was about 98% excited and 2% scared. Ok, it was slightly more than 2%. Not having a guaranteed salary each month? Eeek! Being out there alone in the (for me) uncharted territory of finding new clients and chasing payments and signing contracts? Eish…

But the more I thought about it, the more the positives loomed big and bright, obscuring the niggles of doubt and hesitation.

Being my own boss and in charge of my own time? Yes please! Starting something new and exciting with a business partner I trust and admire? Sounds good! Being autonomous within a growing industry? What’s not to like? Drinking wine at work meetings? Jokes – that never happens…

So, while Liz has got the ball rolling, I have been waiting in the wings, finishing up at my “it-pay-the-bills” job and looking forward to the day I properly join Pomegranite with great excitement and anticipation. I have a feeling that this little business is going to do really well. And I know we’re going to have so much fun building it together.

It won’t be long before I’ve worked out my notice period and I’m ready to join the ranks of brave
entrepreneurs around the world, stepping resolutely out of my comfort zone. After all, I hear that’s where the magic happens.

Original blog: Top 10 search suggestions for ‘What is’, 2 April 2013 (Liz)

It’s 5.31am. I woke up hours ago for no reason at all and cannot convince my mind to relinquish wakefulness. Here’s what I learned about the Internet-searching mass of humanity that we’re a part of while the sky turned to gunmetal grey and the birds tentatively heralded the morning.

While googling something (I’ll never admit exactly what), I used the phrase “what is”. Here are the top 10 suggestions it offered me to complete my question:

1. What is love?
2. What is illuminati?
3. What is my IP?
4. What is global warming?
5. What is instagram?
6. What is the Harlem Shake?
7. What is Social Media?
8. What is marketing?
9. What is stress?
10. What is my IP address?

It seems we’re all a little lost at every level of being human, from the biggest questions about why and how we live to Instagram and the Harlem Shake.