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How do you use storytelling to showcase the impact – and appeal – of a clinical intelligence platform?

The world will be short 18 million health workers by 2030. Parents, community health workers, pharmacists, school teachers, and more, are stepping up to be the frontline health workers that their communities need.

Half the world’s population depends on healthcare and guidance that takes place outside of a doctor’s office – but a lack of a doctor doesn’t mean a lack of access to physician-like intelligence.

THINKMD is transforming global digital health at the frontlines of care with clinical intelligence and analytics to enable better decisions, better data and better health.

With a phone in every pocket, their technology makes it simple for anyone to tap into a doctor’s brain from anywhere.

We loved the journey that this site rebuild took us on as this (amazing) client critically examined how to position their brand and tell their impact story in the most effective way. The combination of slick mock-ups and animated, interactive graphics, with real photography and human stories, makes for compelling content.

THINKMD’s technology is able to determine clinical risk and provide treatment recommendations that correlate up to



of that of a physician

“Pomegranite designed and relaunched the THINKMD website, helping us to find the right visual balance between global health and technology. The team was responsive, with no ask too big and no deadline too tight. Friendly and warm, every step of the way was effortless. I highly recommend their services.”

– Tammy Sutherns, THINKMD

la dem med



Can a website create a welcoming and open platform to discuss law, democracy and media independence in a country divided by civil war?

In collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we developed a shared space where the Ethiopian partners in the project could advocate for social transformation through collaboration, engagement and empathy. The name comes from the three main focus areas of their work: law, democracy and media.

We developed a website with interactive functionalities including a members area, online course and forums. The creative challenge was to design an online space which is conducive to bottom-up public participation and encourages active citizenship in Ethiopia. We used images of hands and fire to evoke community and connection, all on a background of Ethiopian landscapes, to establish a national identity without alienating any specific ethnic groups at a time of civil conflict.

The project was rounded off with skills transfer and training to equip the Ethiopian partners to add to and maintain the website.


international universities have collaborated with Ethiopian policy makers and independent media channels to advance freedom of expression, critical debate, and policy reform, and to promote government performance particularly in the justice sector.

helenesimpson FI

Helene Simpson

Helene Simpson

How do you create a professional online presence for a home practice?

​Helene Simpson has been a client for several years. Having originally been a patient herself, Sarah was blown away by the skill of the physios and caring staff at her first private practice: the Sports Injuries Centre (SIC). We built the SIC a website that showcased their services and allowed patients to book appointments.

Sadly, due to the effects of COVID-19, Helene had to close the SIC and move her practice to her home. We were delighted to help her in this phase of her career and showcase the new work space, which she transformed into an incredibly warm and welcoming safe haven for those with complex foot and ankle cases.

Did you know: If you sprain your ankle and don’t go through a rehab process, your chances of another sprain are almost



“I have been working with your team for many years now, and every experience is just more positive than before! And that is a high standard to beat! Tomas and the team in the design room (or whatever you call it), have been ever so patient, kind and efficient to create the web page I had in mind. I wanted a professional look, but not flashy or too corporate. I might be a physiotherapist with rather unique skills, but I wanted patients to feel like they could come to me based on who I am as a person. And this is what you’ve captured so well on my website. Thank you to Sarah, Liz and Tomas who kept the process on track!”

– Helene Simpson


Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC)

Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC)

Can complex website functionality still be easy to administer for clients without coding knowledge?

As an agency of National Treasury, GTAC provides professional and technical advisory services to South African government departments and organisations to build public service capacity and support improved service delivery to South Africans.

The challenge in building this website was that it needed to contain a vast amount of information from a number of different programme units, while offering a streamlined user experience.

We particularly enjoyed working on the complex architecture of the Knowledge Hub, which allows users to search a large and ever-growing library of resources across a broad spectrum of themes and departments.

This hub had to be slick and modern from a user perspective while also being practical from a back-end, administrative perspective to allow GTAC to upload resources themselves.

Pomegranite worked on this project in collaboration with Grounded Media.

The Knowledge Hub’s complex search functionality includes


search metrics

“Once again it has been an absolute pleasure working with the Pomegranite team, developing the website for our client GTAC. It was a complex brief and we are thrilled with the final result. The website is beautiful and the Knowledge Hub offers really sophisticated search functionality that makes it really easy to find documents in the vast GTAC library.”

– Jade Archer, Grounded Media




How do you shift your brand focus while maintaining your brand image?

HEALA is a coalition of civil society organisations that advocates for equitable access to affordable and nutritious food for all in South Africa. HEALA’s mission is to create a platform for communities to organise and mobilise around policy and the realisation of the right to affordable, nutritious food.

HEALA’s focus had previously been on the Health Promotion Levy policy and the taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages, and they approached us to assist them with their social media, introducing their shift to a broader food justice focus. The strategy began as a soft launch where we strategically began to change HEALA’s language to focus less on an individual’s choice in healthy food, and more on South Africa’s food system, and how it affects eating decisions.

Our strategy included a number of shifts in the way information on HEALA’s social media platforms is conveyed, while ensuring the core of HEALA’s brand and tone remain in place. We began introducing impactful graphics using though-provoking language, in order to reframe the audience’s perception of South Africa’s food system.

In our research we identified key topics that social media audiences were regularly misunderstanding, and started a series on HEALA’s platforms debunking these ideas using reputable sources. This kind of shift was always going to rock the boat with regards to HEALA’s existing social media audience, but we have seen an exciting increase in a more diverse following – which is exciting as this is only the beginning!

HEALA’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have achieved over


engagements over the last three months

“Working with Pomegranite has not only been a pleasure but incredibly successful for HEALA. We were so overwhelmed with the amount of work we had to do, and Liz and her team calmly and professionally stepped in and gave us the guidance and structure that we needed – and well exceeded our expectations. I would absolutely recommend them!

The team deftly and astutely handled the creation of a communications strategy in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, held workshops to upskill our team, updated our website, implemented social media management in line with the strategy and ran a campaign to support our relaunch. They grasped the nuance of our complex messaging without problem, took the initiative and managed all aspects of delivery while being professional, responsive, warm and insightful. The most valuable part for us was that they quickly grasped our principles – essential to our messaging – and were able to craft a “voice” that embodies and reflects our fundamental values.

Pomegranite is not only good at what they do, but the staff also clearly love working together. They impart warmth, positivity, and a can-do attitude in all interactions, making working with them feel nothing like work!”

– Laurie Schowalter, Rural Health Advocacy Project, a division of Wits Health Consortium (Pty) Ltd

takalani sesame

Takalani Sesame

Takalani Sesame

What if your target audience isn’t on social media?

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to work with an iconic brand that simultaneously taps into childhood memories while challenging your adult brain strategically.

In supporting Takalani Sesame with their social media, we ask the question: how do you inspire young children, who aren’t on social media, with uplifting content through their parents and caregivers?

It’s been such a joy to work with a team who is so passionate about their brand and the magic that the show creates.

In one month, YouTube watch time increased by


and the average view duration increased by


“Working with the team at Pomegranite has proven to be extremely advantageous for our brand, Takalani Sesame. Though we had originally engaged them for a short term contract, their dedication to the work, creative ideas and successful execution quickly showed us that it would be valuable to reassess our budgets so that we could extend our contract with Pomegranite. In that time they have helped us surpass the goals we set for reach and engagement across all of our platforms.

Their enthusiasm for the work and the way they engage with us as their clients has been a truly fruitful and delightful experience.”

– Andrea Palumbos, Sesame Workshop

Better off knowing FI

#BetterOffKnowing Campaign

#BetterOffKnowing Campaign

Can social media be used effectively to debunk health myths and have difficult conversations?

#BetterOffKnowing was a campaign funded by the Health Systems Trust, focused on raising awareness and driving discussion about HIV testing, HIV treatment and living with HIV in South Africa.

What we found so exciting about this campaign was that conversations that started out in anger, mentioning health myths, ended in understanding, mutual respect – and sometimes even a retweet telling their friends about the campaign.

Because it was so successful and generated such extensive engagement, the Health Systems Trust continued to post on the campaign accounts long after the official campaign ended.

The campaign reached


people on social media

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work on our campaign. We are seeing such great interaction and engagement and it is so great to know that the community is in such good hands.”

“It’s a fantastic endorsement of the real need for this kind of quality information and the benefit of the safe space and one-on-one interactions that social media creates!”

– Jade Archer, #BetterOffKnowing campaign


South African Informal Traders Alliance (SAITA)

South African Informal Traders Alliance (SAITA)

How can you get your message across to vastly different target audiences in a single social media post?

From the hawkers selling sweets at the traffic lights to the vendors manning their fresh fruit stands on busy street corners to the spaza shop owners to the artist selling beautiful handmade jewellery at the beachfront market. These informal traders do so much for their families and communities. They create employment opportunities and provide essential goods and services in remote areas of South Africa. Yet they are still overlooked, dismissed and downtrodden. This is where the South African Informal Traders Alliance (SAITA) comes in.

SAITA is a non-governmental organisation for all informal traders, micro-business owners and traders’ organisations in South Africa. As the definitive voice for informal trade in the country, they fight for the rights of informal workers, represent them in meetings with other stakeholders and give them the tools they need to grow their enterprises.

Having helped to establish their social media presence in 2020, we now curate both their Facebook and Twitter accounts. To have their social media reflect their status as the voice of the sector, we share a combination of structured, pre-approved content, as well as breaking news and PR coverage. On Facebook, we focus on growing their community, connecting with potential new members and highlighting those who are already part of the organisation. The greater focus on Twitter is lobbying, specifically government departments and officials, as well as networking with other trader organisations.

With so many different target audiences to tap into, it’s been an exciting challenge to determine what works on each specific platform and hone the ability to communicate SAITA’s messages to each stakeholder group through the voice of a trader.



of employed South Africans work in the informal sector. This equates to roughly 5 million workers.


of total employment in Sub-Saharan Africa is informal.

“As the leading voice of over four million informal workers nationally, we are always on the lookout for similar forward-thinking entities with whom to partner in the interests of our constituents. Pomegranite has indeed surpassed our expectations insofar as exposure of SAITA on social media platforms is concerned.

We are hence proudly part of the digital age and look forward to strengthening our ties with you as we boldly step into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Indeed, we shall not hesitate to recommend Pomegranate to our associates and partners going forward.”

– Rosheda Muller, SAITA President


Zip Zap Circus

Zip Zap Circus

How do you create a user-friendly, informative website that still sparkles with the magic of a live show?

Have you heard of the Zip Zap Circus? These are a few of our favourite things about them:

  • They are all about empowering people – especially kids – many of whom come from very difficult backgrounds. All their classes are free.
  • They’re proudly South African.
  • They’re SO talented and professional – they’ve even performed for Obama at the White House.
  • A lot of the kids who start as students go off and have sparkling careers in entertainment , and then come back and teach at Zip Zap, which really shows how much of a sense of belonging Zip Zap creates, and how much love there is in their “family”.
  • The incredible stories of the lives that Zip Zap has changed.

We are so proud to have been the ones to build them a new website that captures both the magic and the substance of who they are.

The website includes an online learning platform to allow them to continue classes in the middle of the pandemic. This also opens up exciting future opportunities for Zip Zap!

“It was such a delight to work with Pomegranite. From the first briefing session the team just ‘got us!’ They not only interpreted our brief accurately, but also added so much value with additional creative elements, ideas and user-experience enhancements.”

– Roxy Mitchell, Marketing Manager, Zip Zap Circus




How do we encourage small-scale chicken farmers in the US to purchase a new sustainable product while keeping the cost per click as low as possible?

Grubbets, an innovative, sustainable, nutritionally-complete feed-stock, required a strategic social media advertising campaign to launch their product in the United States market.

We managed a series of highly targeted video-focused ads across Facebook and Instagram to amplify brand awareness around Grubbets and promote sales through Amazon.

The challenge was to relate to a niche audience of backyard chicken farmers in the US, while keeping the cost per click down and driving quality traffic to the Grubbets sales listing. We were thrilled not only to record continually increasing sales, but also much improved community engagement, including glowing customer reviews on Amazon, such as:

The turkeys and chickens are happily consuming the grubs. I’m assuming the taste is good, but I’m not eating them. I am pleased the grubs are produced in the States.” – Theresa Blanco, a happy Amazon customer

Sales grew week on week during the three month campaign, reaching over


unique users within the target audience

“Pomegranite’s team were a vital support in launching the digital marketing for our new consumer brand. Having traditionally sold business to business, we entered the unknown world of digital sales and we couldn’t have done it without them. The Pomegranite team have a wealth of knowledge and experience, successfully guiding us through audience management, developing brand content, pixel analysis and channelling traffic to our site and sales pages. Our sales grew week on week for the three month campaign and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Charlie Drew, Grubbets


Phepha uFunde

Phepha uFunde

Can a website really help teachers survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, school leaders are navigating administrative and educational challenges never before experienced. Phepha uFunde – meaning “learn and be safe” in isiZulu – was established to offer solutions to these unanticipated challenges, thereby helping teachers, learners and parents to cope and thrive.

Keeping the focus on ensuring easily accessible podcasts from the Phepha uFunde radio campaign and their valuable resources, we (in partnership with Grounded Media) designed a clear, compact and easy to use site to assist and upskill school leaders in dealing with education disruptions during this challenging period.

Phepha uFunde, through


meaningful interviews on Radio 2000, demonstrated how principals, teachers, parents and learners have the resilience and resources to survive and thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sustainability Starts with Teachers

Sustainability Starts with Teachers

Sustainability Starts with Teachers

How do you execute a website project with various stakeholders across Africa?

Working with UNESCO and Rhodes University’s Environmental Learning Research Centre on the Sustainability Starts with Teachers programme website was an incredible experience. We helped them to showcase their action-oriented approach to transformative learning in teacher education and TVET institutions.

Regular workshops and meetings with both teams, as well as a clear division of roles and tasks among all of us, meant we were able to create a website that everyone could be proud of. As this is a programme that connects people across the continent, the images, colours and graphics all had to have a uniquely African feel. We enjoyed working with Flo Creative on the design of the hallmark banners across the website.

When the idea naturally came up for creating an accompanying online course, we were thrilled to collaborate once again. The challenge was to keep a clear visual link with the project website, while working within the confines of a far more structured course setup. Using unique banners from Flo Creative, we were able to bring this feeling of Africa into the course.

Sustainability Starts with Teachers’ online course in 2020 hosted over


participants from across Lesotho, South Africa and Zambia

“Pomegranite is a wonderful, professional team with innovative ideas always focused on the customer’s individual needs. The Sustainability Starts with Teachers Site is well built, with a sound LMS system in place that is not only eye catching, but works great on all types of devices. As the course content developer it was a pleasure to work with the Pomegranite team. They really listened to what I envisioned and provided continuous professional technical support during the development, launch and duration of the Online Course.”

– Dr. Wilma van Staden, ELRC, Rhodes University

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