​Get Checked Go Collect

​Get Checked Go Collect

Can you build a visually interesting website, and still cater to an audience with minimal data and no wifi?

Millions of South Africans have chronic conditions, whether that’s diabetes, high blood pressure or HIV. Get Checked Go Collect is a campaign that aims to motivate people to stay on their medication and rewards those who do, with a service that allows them to collect their medication at convenient collection points.

In collaboration with Grounded Media, we built a website that allows people to find out more about the most common chronic conditions, why it’s so important to get checked and how their free and convenient collection service can help people to manage their conditions more easily.

What was really important about this website is that most visitors are on the lower income spectrum, which means that they are mostly browsing the site on their phones. Knowing this, we had a look at the layout of the website and ensured that it is completely compatible with mobile devices. Some of the edits we made included making sure it doesn’t use too much data to load, and splitting larger pages into smaller ones, to make it easier to read on a smaller screen.

Get Check Go Collect’s bounce rate has improved by over


on average after mobile compatibility edits were made

“Working with Pomegranite is always rewarding because they run with briefs deliberately and professionally. In addition, they offer solutions that are on par with Grounded Media’s expertise as an integrated communications specialist. The HSTs Get Checked. Go Collect campaign required an ability to adapt to the client’s unique needs because of the sensitivity of the content. As the project lead, I appreciated a website development team that understood our and the client’s vision.”

– Thoko Ngendane-Mkhize, Grounded Media