#BetterOffKnowing Campaign

#BetterOffKnowing Campaign

Can social media be used effectively to debunk health myths and have difficult conversations?

#BetterOffKnowing was a campaign funded by the Health Systems Trust, focused on raising awareness and driving discussion about HIV testing, HIV treatment and living with HIV in South Africa.

What we found so exciting about this campaign was that conversations that started out in anger, mentioning health myths, ended in understanding, mutual respect – and sometimes even a retweet telling their friends about the campaign.

Because it was so successful and generated such extensive engagement, the Health Systems Trust continued to post on the campaign accounts long after the official campaign ended.

The campaign reached


people on social media

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work on our campaign. We are seeing such great interaction and engagement and it is so great to know that the community is in such good hands.”

“It’s a fantastic endorsement of the real need for this kind of quality information and the benefit of the safe space and one-on-one interactions that social media creates!”

– Jade Archer, #BetterOffKnowing campaign