Creating Postgraduate Collaborations

Creating Postgraduate Collaborations

How do you pivot from an in-person academic project involving universities from five countries during a pandemic?

Creating Postgraduate Collaborations fosters the development of research-rich environments in which academics and postgraduate students can thrive. The project kicked off with our strategist joining participants from all nine universities in Istanbul in February 2020 (our last international trip for a long while!). Pomegranite was responsible for building a website to hold the project but we quickly pivoted to creating an online platform, which went on to facilitate the project when travel bans made the planned summer schools twice a year impossible.

The platform includes public-facing information, an events section, synchronous courses for participants from all nine universities to move through together in cross-cutting teams and a members-only project management area. Our work included design, development, training and support.

It has been a pleasure to work on sibling projects Enhancing Postgraduate Environments and Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision, which provide support materials that feed into the CPC courses.

The CPC course website hosted


course participants from nine universities across five countries

“The CPC course was a huge success. You guys are instantly responsive, creative, enthusiastic and make things happen. You also tackle our stupid questions with tolerance and humour. You’re the best!”

– Sioux McKenna, Creating Postgraduate Collaborations

“We needed a website that took users on a journey while also sharing a large number of different types of resources. Pomegranite designed our logo, created a journey in the design of our fabulous site and a way to tie all of our resources together with the same look. The responsive and helpful team also sent out regular newsletters to our database. Thanks for all the great work guys!”

– Sioux McKenna, Enhancing Postgraduate Environments