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Enhancing Postgraduate Environments

The Enhancing Postgraduate Environments project aims to support institutional strategising around postgraduate environments. It looks at all aspects of the postgraduate journey, from before the scholar is admitted, to the practices and processes of the postgraduate experience, through to what happens after graduation. The project is a collaboration between several South African and European universities.

We designed the logo, design assets and look and feel as well as built the website. We created a visual map to lead users through the resources housed on the site according to their endeavors and shared alerts when new resources were added.

It has been a pleasure to also work on sibling projects Creating Postgraduate Collaborations and Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision where these resources are used extensively.

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“We needed a website that took users on a journey while also sharing a large number of different types of resources. Pomegranite designed our logo, created a journey in the design of our fabulous site and a way to tie all of our resources together with the same look. The responsive and helpful team also sent out regular newsletters to our database. Thanks for all the great work guys!”

– Sioux McKenna, Enhancing Postgraduate Environments


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