How do we encourage small-scale chicken farmers in the US to purchase a new sustainable product while keeping the cost per click as low as possible?

Grubbets, an innovative, sustainable, nutritionally-complete feed-stock, required a strategic social media advertising campaign to launch their product in the United States market.

We managed a series of highly targeted video-focused ads across Facebook and Instagram to amplify brand awareness around Grubbets and promote sales through Amazon.

The challenge was to relate to a niche audience of backyard chicken farmers in the US, while keeping the cost per click down and driving quality traffic to the Grubbets sales listing. We were thrilled not only to record continually increasing sales, but also much improved community engagement, including glowing customer reviews on Amazon, such as:

The turkeys and chickens are happily consuming the grubs. I’m assuming the taste is good, but I’m not eating them. I am pleased the grubs are produced in the States.” – Theresa Blanco, a happy Amazon customer

Sales grew week on week during the three month campaign, reaching over


unique users within the target audience

“Pomegranite’s team were a vital support in launching the digital marketing for our new consumer brand. Having traditionally sold business to business, we entered the unknown world of digital sales and we couldn’t have done it without them. The Pomegranite team have a wealth of knowledge and experience, successfully guiding us through audience management, developing brand content, pixel analysis and channelling traffic to our site and sales pages. Our sales grew week on week for the three month campaign and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Charlie Drew, Grubbets