How do you shift your brand focus while maintaining your brand image?

HEALA is a coalition of civil society organisations that advocates for equitable access to affordable and nutritious food for all in South Africa. HEALA’s mission is to create a platform for communities to organise and mobilise around policy and the realisation of the right to affordable, nutritious food.

HEALA’s focus had previously been on the Health Promotion Levy policy and the taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages, and they approached us to assist them with their social media, introducing their shift to a broader food justice focus. The strategy began as a soft launch where we strategically began to change HEALA’s language to focus less on an individual’s choice in healthy food, and more on South Africa’s food system, and how it affects eating decisions.

Our strategy included a number of shifts in the way information on HEALA’s social media platforms is conveyed, while ensuring the core of HEALA’s brand and tone remain in place. We began introducing impactful graphics using though-provoking language, in order to reframe the audience’s perception of South Africa’s food system.

In our research we identified key topics that social media audiences were regularly misunderstanding, and started a series on HEALA’s platforms debunking these ideas using reputable sources. This kind of shift was always going to rock the boat with regards to HEALA’s existing social media audience, but we have seen an exciting increase in a more diverse following – which is exciting as this is only the beginning!

HEALA’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have achieved over


engagements over the last three months

“Working with Pomegranite has not only been a pleasure but incredibly successful for HEALA. We were so overwhelmed with the amount of work we had to do, and Liz and her team calmly and professionally stepped in and gave us the guidance and structure that we needed – and well exceeded our expectations. I would absolutely recommend them!

The team deftly and astutely handled the creation of a communications strategy in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, held workshops to upskill our team, updated our website, implemented social media management in line with the strategy and ran a campaign to support our relaunch. They grasped the nuance of our complex messaging without problem, took the initiative and managed all aspects of delivery while being professional, responsive, warm and insightful. The most valuable part for us was that they quickly grasped our principles – essential to our messaging – and were able to craft a “voice” that embodies and reflects our fundamental values.

Pomegranite is not only good at what they do, but the staff also clearly love working together. They impart warmth, positivity, and a can-do attitude in all interactions, making working with them feel nothing like work!”

– Laurie Schowalter, Rural Health Advocacy Project, a division of Wits Health Consortium (Pty) Ltd