How do you give young people access to the tools they need to land a job in South Africa?

JobStarter is a mobile learning, career information platform created to address some of the structural hurdles that undermine the potential connections between young people and post-school work and/or further education opportunities.

In order to create meaningful online connections with young South Africans, making them feel seen and helping them with information they found useful in their job searches, we wrote in-depth blog posts on JobStarter’s services and various research we did with the audience in mind. Blogs were promoted alongside a targeted social media strategy in order to get JobStarter’s message in front of the right users on the right platforms.

The social media and content strategies plugged into their broader goal to be the go-to information, learning and opportunity aggregator for youth in this country.

During our management of JobStarter’s social media platforms, we developed 32 informative guides for young people that received over