Let’s Test

Let's Test

Does a website have to be permanent?

UNICEF and 17 Triggers, a behaviour change lab, got in touch with us to create a website to house their Let’s Test Toolkit and informational video. They needed an  online space that was light on data and accessible to users all over the world, in various economic situations.

We created a brand-cohesive one-page website to feature this information for the campaign period, and once it has run its course it will be removed from the web.

The Let’s Test website was built with the toolkit and video key areas in mind, and we used the brand styling and page layout to draw the user’s focus to these locations. 

Another priority was for the site to be light data-wise and have fast loading speeds. As this was a particular priority for the client, it was an interesting challenge to work with and we experimented with different WordPress themes and plugins in order to meet this requirement.

It’s been so exciting to work with these teams and create a website that so fully encompasses everything needed by the brand.

The first week of the website saw users from over