Made Marian

Made Marian

Made Marian

How does an artist from a tiny town at the tip of Africa market – and sell – her work to clients around the world?

Marian Binder, an artist based in Stanford, needed a new website to showcase her beautiful paintings and art cards. We loved building this website – partly because of the visuals we got to work with, and partly because Marian is just so lovely.

Her sunny studio in Stanford is the perfect quiet space for her detailed watercolour paintings to emerge from the page.

From these original artworks, under the MadeMarian label, beautiful greetings cards on textured art paper are printed for dispatch to select outlets all over South Africa and individuals across the world.

Website bounce rate:


(A statistic we think we should credit to the quality of Marian’s work)

“The team at Pomegranite gathered together all the strands of my brief to build my lovely website – – some years ago now. They totally demystified the process for me and have been at my side ever since to add, subtract and change with the development of my art business. Responsive, wise, efficient – I can’t recommend them highly enough. Seriously.”

– Marian Binder, Made Marian