transgressive learning website development by Pomegranite


‘T-learning’ refers to transformative, transgressive learning in times of climate change. The Environmental Learning and Research Centre at Rhodes University approached us to create an online platform for nine countries currently contributing to a programme seeking to strengthen social responses to climate change and environmental concerns. The programme links scientists, educators, civil society, policy makers, business and other stakeholders together.

We built the T-Learning website in collaboration with the incredibly talented graphic designer, Francis Lotz.

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“Pomegranite are a talented team, who are also very professional and reliable. They offer clear guidelines for those wanting to work with them, and also reasonable quotations. They are, however, also flexible, and have a mechanism that allows them to accommodate extra work should it be required, but they always offer a pre-work quotation so that one is not left in the dark as to anticipated costs or run-over costs.

In addition to their professionalism, they are also creative and knowledgeable on how to get the best out of the digital environment in ways that match the purpose of their clients. They have assisted us to develop highly professional and sophisticated online presences for our range of collaborative programmes.

Through this, they have deepened and enriched not just out our global impact via our online presence, but also helped us deepen and enrich our practice in education and social development through their support. This has helped us to re-imagine how we interact with our local and global partners through different media and communications technologies, and how we reflexively develop and adjust our communication strategies to accommodate socioeconomic and political changes in our ever-changing cultural climate. They also offer very helpful training to staff who can then take over the regular platform management, and are willing to do this whenever needed.”


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