Takalani Sesame

Takalani Sesame

What if your target audience isn’t on social media?

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to work with an iconic brand that simultaneously taps into childhood memories while challenging your adult brain strategically.

In supporting Takalani Sesame (the much-loved South African iteration of Sesame Street) with their social media, we asked the question: how do you inspire young children, who aren’t on social media, with uplifting content through their parents and caregivers? We tackled this hurdle by meeting users where they are, and targeting them on the platforms where they’re most likely to be.

On Meta, parents and caregivers are told about all of the educational benefits of tuning their kids into the show, and on YouTube the kids themselves are told about all the fun they can join in on through their TV screens and on the YouTube channel.

Working with a client like Takalani Sesame, where the goal, somewhat unusually, is to take people off the platform (at a specific time), has been a really interesting challenge, and has inspired us to explore many new ways of approaching a social media campaign. As marketing enthusiasts, it’s been an amazing experience, and it’s such a joy to work with a team who is so passionate about their brand and the magic that the show creates.

Over the duration of the Season 13 campaign, we managed to reach
of our video views target, with over
hours of ad time watched

“Working with the team at Pomegranite has proven to be extremely advantageous for our brand, Takalani Sesame. Though we had originally engaged them for a short term contract, their dedication to the work, creative ideas and successful execution quickly showed us that it would be valuable to reassess our budgets so that we could extend our contract with Pomegranite. In that time they have helped us surpass the goals we set for reach and engagement across all of our platforms.

Their enthusiasm for the work and the way they engage with us as their clients has been a truly fruitful and delightful experience.”


– Andrea Palumbos, Sesame Workshop