TAU Fellowships

TAU Fellowships

The TAU Fellowships Programme seeks to build a cadre of teaching fellows in a wide range of disciplines over a 19-month programme, involving block week contact sessions, individual projects in own teaching and learning settings, group projects and reflective reports. Participants are drawn from all South African universities.

We had originally built a section for this project on it’s affiliate website, HELTASA, but over time it grew enough to warrant its own space. The TAU site houses all the valuable resources from its two previous cycles (2015 – 2016 and 2018 – 2019), as well as information for its next cycle, which is planned for 2021.

In our client’s words: 

“It’s been great working with Pomegranite. The team has been very professional, efficient and affordable. Excellent turn around time, the work is always done before the deadline – this is commendable. They are also good in offering assistance that is within their reach. Keep up the good work.” – Hellen Ochuot, Project Admistrator at TAU Fellowships

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