The Instructional Leadership Institute

The Instructional Leadership Institute

How can you evolve your website to grow with your organisation?

One-page websites are a great tool to represent the core information about your brand online, while keeping the information concise, and the user-journey clear. The Instructional Leadership Institute’s (ILI) website started out as a one-page build by us, and, at the time, it was a fantastic (budget-friendly) way to represent the organisation’s goals and information, while allowing schools to sign up for ILI’s programmes.

We love to see our clients grow, and as ILI gained a dedicated team and more programmes, they needed a larger site to house their offering and showcase their impact. The new site is a rich resource of information about what ILI does, and even features a dedicated member-only portal as well as an online forum.

The possibilities for websites are endless, and ILI is a good reminder that your site should serve your organisation where you are currently, whether it’s short and sharp, or detailed and robust.

Since its launch as a multi-page website, the ILI site has received visitors from


different countries across the world.

“As an organisation working in education with a new team, The Instructional Leadership Institute needed a new website, and a new look and feel that is fit for purpose. From the first briefing session, the Pomegranite team understood what we wanted from start to finish and created a whole new website beyond our expectations! From the first draft we loved everything they created and it only needed a few small changes here and there, to the final website – we loved it!

The Pomegranite team was a pleasure to work with, from the brilliant workplan to the team who is efficient, professional, and truly added value to our brand. If you are looking for a young, dynamic and innovative team, we would highly recommend Pomegranite. We look forward to working with their team in the future.”

– Linci Abrahams, Instructional Leadership Institute