The Ridge School

The Ridge School

The Ridge School

How do you ensure you cater your whole website toward your target audience?

Situated in Johannesburg and established in 1919, The Ridge School is widely recognised as a leading South African boys’ preparatory school. The school grounds, some 19 acres, are located on Westcliff Ridge, with views over Parktown and the surrounding suburbs.

Every school’s target audience is the parents, but together with The Ridge we identified this early and catered the whole website toward what both existing and prospective parents would be looking for. The Ridge’s website features elements like an online school shop, online applications and application fee payments, and an easy way to pay for school fees directly from the website.

All of this creates a positive and uncomplicated experience for The Ridge School’s parents, and makes the day-to-day administrative operations of the school run smoother as well.

The average time a user spends on each page on The Ridge School’s website is nearly

2 minutes

showing that the information on the site is useful and clearly visible

“The Ridge School has employed the services of Pomegranite for almost a decade. Their staff are highly skilled and available immediately to step in and assist.

My dealing with Liz, Sarah and now Jesse have always been relaxed but professional and no request has ever been too complex. Our website is an extremely important tool to the success of our school and we have had many prospective parents comment on how easy to navigate ours is with a simple user interface.

I would highly recommend any business who want a personal touch, attention detail and a sleek professional looking website.”

– Joe Kotwal, The Ridge School