How do you use storytelling to showcase the impact – and appeal – of a clinical intelligence platform?

The world will be short 18 million health workers by 2030. Parents, community health workers, pharmacists, school teachers, and more, are stepping up to be the frontline health workers that their communities need.

Half the world’s population depends on healthcare and guidance that takes place outside of a doctor’s office – but a lack of a doctor doesn’t mean a lack of access to physician-like intelligence.

THINKMD is transforming global digital health at the frontlines of care with clinical intelligence and analytics to enable better decisions, better data and better health.

With a phone in every pocket, their technology makes it simple for anyone to tap into a doctor’s brain from anywhere.

We loved the journey that this site rebuild took us on as this (amazing) client critically examined how to position their brand and tell their impact story in the most effective way. The combination of slick mock-ups and animated, interactive graphics, with real photography and human stories, makes for compelling content.

THINKMD’s technology is able to determine clinical risk and provide treatment recommendations that correlate up to



of that of a physician

“Pomegranite designed and relaunched the THINKMD website, helping us to find the right visual balance between global health and technology. The team was responsive, with no ask too big and no deadline too tight. Friendly and warm, every step of the way was effortless. I highly recommend their services.”

– Tammy Sutherns, THINKMD