Vault Research

Vault Research

Can a website be an extension of your art advisory services?

Phillippa approached Pomegranite with the vision of housing information about her art advisory and collection management services online, as she finalised her master’s degree. The website was launched with perfect timing, going live as she attended her graduation in Europe.

It was really important to Phillippa that the website acted as a gateway to her services, and not only in providing information about Vault Research, but also making it quick and easy to get in contact with her, no matter where one is on the website.

We did this by adding social media and contact shortcuts to the header and footer, including a button which begins a Whatsapp conversation with Phillippa, with a pre-written message.

In order to align with the type of service the client offers, we wanted to make sure there was a good balance between the written content and images featured. We did this by curating the website like one of Phillippa’s collections, as well as limiting the amount of colour featured across the site to key areas where we wanted to draw the visitor’s attention.

“Working with the Pomegranite team was an absolute pleasure. They were mindful that my project was running concurrently with the completions of my Masters in Cultural Leadership. Jesse and Liz (my primary contacts) coaxed me through the process and I am delighted with the results of my website. For anyone considering having a website built, don’t even think further than Pomegranite. They took a daunting process and made it interactive and fun, and for a non-digital person, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

– Phillippa Duncan, Director