Youth Capital

Youth Capital

How do you inspire young people in South Africa to join the conversation of youth unemployment in a meaningful way?

Youth Capital is a campaign to transform the employment trajectory of a generation. Their aim is to ensure that every young South African has the skills, support, and opportunity to get their first decent job.

When we first worked with Youth Capital, the organisation required a strategic social media approach in order to reach South Africa’s youth and get them talking about the challenges they face. We developed a social media campaign geared towards young people, encouraging them to ask the right questions about their future.

Once the campaign had run its course, we developed a social media workshop to train their new communications manager to keep social media going in-house.

When two members of their in-house marketing went on maternity leave at the same time, the Youth Capital team once again entrusted us to manage and maintain their social media strategy for five months.

In just five months, engagement with youth on social media increased by


(one of the most challenging metrics to grow within this target audience)

“In the four months I worked with the Pomegranite team in 2020, I experienced them as organized and knowledgeable of the social media trends and how these could benefit Youth Capital. They were tasked with sourcing, and creating social media content that would be published on particular days of the week across all Youth Capital’s social media platforms except for LinkedIn. They were also asked to do community management across particular platforms.

They did an excellent job of finding relevant content that aligned with Youth Capital’s thematic focus and goals. The monthly social media platform performance reports they submitted, provided very useful insights on how Youth Capital could better achieve its objectives. It was an overall, enriching experience working with the Pomegranite team.”

– Lethiwe Nkosi, Youth Capital