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Youth Capital

Youth Capital is a campaign to transform the employment trajectory of a generation. Their aim is to ensure that every young South African has the skills, support, and opportunity to get their first decent job.

Young South Africans (aged 15- 34) make up just over 36% of the total population of our country. They should be the engine of our economy, society, and democracy, but 7.9 million of them are out of work, education or training opportunities.

Youth Capital believes that, instead of capitalising on our youth dividend, we are squandering it. We cannot afford to keep wasting the potential of South Africa. We have to work together to change the status quo. If we act quickly, with a shared commitment and purpose – we can fundamentally change the nature of youth employment, and break the cycle of poverty.

Youth Capital required a strategic social media approach in order to reach South Africa’s youth. We developed a social media campaign geared towards young people, encouraging them to ask the right questions about their future. Once the campaign had run its course, we developed a social media workshop to train their new communications manager to keep social media going in-house.

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