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Accessibility and social media

Traffic lights beep faster before the light goes green. Wheelchair ramps sit next to entrance steps. Braille is stamped into tv remotes. In the real world, accessibility tools for people with disabilities are (relatively) prevalent.

Ethical marketing vaping

Ethical marketing and the rapid rise of vaping

You’ve definitely seen them by now – those colourful sticks that people raise to their mouths, leaving a plume of sweet-smelling smoke behind them. Perhaps what makes vapes most noticeable is the fact that because they don’t leave lingering smoke or smells, unlike cigarettes, you’ll

emojis and marketing

The history and the hype: emojis and marketing

In digital marketing, emojis play a huge role in messaging, and the question for social media strategists, content creators, writers, and the like, becomes: “Does this capture the message we’re trying to convey?” So how did these tiny colourful icons become so crucial to the

Crowd psychology and impact marketing

Imagine you’re standing in a train carriage on your daily commute. You see a man harassing a woman, who was sitting by herself just seconds ago. You hope she’s okay. She looks really uncomfortable. Do you need to step in? Does she know this man?

Reconnecting in-person at CHIPS

Having worked with CHIPS Coworking space for a few months on their social media, their office option was the obvious decision for our in-person work day. The workspaces are inviting, energetic and airy, with floor-to-ceiling windows and incredible views of Table Mountain.

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