self-care Pomegranite skills share

Tired? Stressed? I was too – so I did a skills share on taking it easy

By Sarah

As December approaches at pace (although not quite fast enough, in my opinion), everyone is tired. I’m finding that my concentration span is shorter, and I have a lot less bandwidth to deal with things I’d normally take in my stride.

Looking after yourself is always important, but delving deeper into levels of self-care you might be overlooking is even more important when you’re tired and in need of a break.

Because it was something I needed, I thought other people might too. So, I chose this topic for my recent skills share with the Pomegranite team. It was inspired by a blog post by the lovely Anna Marsh, as well as a podcast by Anna and Che Dyer called Kombucha and Colour.

Whenever I listen to this podcast, it feels like time in the day that’s just mine, tuning everything else out. Self-care is a topic they address quite often – in a way that acknowledges the “buzzy” nature of that word lately, keeping things real and often making me laugh.

So, drawing on the podcast discussions as well as Anna’s blog, I spoke to the team about the ways in which we look after ourselves, at a basic level, and then on a level we sometimes don’t think about.

Things like saying no when something doesn’t feel right to you – and knowing yourself well enough to know when something falls on the wrong side of that boundary. Scheduling proper restorative time. Talking kindly to yourself (something that a few people acknowledged they need to flag for themselves). Being creative – whether that means bringing out your paints, cooking an amazing meal, or rearranging your furniture. Doing less than you think you can – and resting more than you think you need to. Doesn’t that last one make you feel less stressed immediately?

At the end of the chat we did a little exercise – again borrowed from Anna – which puts these things neatly in perspective in your own life. If you’d like to try it, you can find it at the bottom of this post.

These Friday skills shares at Pomegranite are so valuable. I’ve learnt so much about a wide range of topics from the whole team, and I always find it interesting to see the topics people choose. The lovely feedback after this one was confirmation that these conversations are as important as technical skills shares. So, thanks Anna and Che! Give their podcast a listen – I bet you’ll like it.