Pomegranite offers custom WordPress and social media workshops for your team. Tell us what your goals are and what platforms you would like to learn about, and we will tailor a workshop to suit your needs, whatever your knowledge level.

We can conduct these workshops in person or online.


We want you to feel empowered to work with your digital assets. Our WordPress workshops teach you how to navigate the back end of your website, online store or online course, so you’re able to upload new content and make edits as you need to.

We offer one-on-one coaching, small group tutorials or team workshops.

Social Media

Introduction: social media outline

The power of social media
Unpacking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
Using social media for good
How social media can go bad
Social media best practices

Creating a social media strategy

How to create a social media strategy
Planning ahead
Applying a tone of voice
Identifying your target audience
Boosting — what is it and how can it grow your online community?

Community management

Connecting with like-minded organisations/people
Which groups to target
How to engage with people/groups
How to repost
How to use polls for engagement and research
Communicating with followers online
Setting up an auto response

Practical tools

Developing a protocol document
Creating real-time posts
Analytics – how to use them to inform your strategy going forward
How to take good photos for social media (with a phone or a camera)


Posting in a contentious environment
How to turn negatives into positives
When to disengage

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