Sustainability Starts with Teachers

Sustainability Starts with Teachers

How do you execute a website project with various stakeholders across Africa?

Working with UNESCO and Rhodes University’s Environmental Learning Research Centre on the Sustainability Starts with Teachers programme website was an incredible experience. We helped them to showcase their action-oriented approach to transformative learning in teacher education and TVET institutions.

Regular workshops and meetings with both teams, as well as a clear division of roles and tasks among all of us, meant we were able to create a website that everyone could be proud of. As this is a programme that connects people across the continent, the images, colours and graphics all had to have a uniquely African feel. We enjoyed working with Flo Creative on the design of the hallmark banners across the website.

When the idea naturally came up for creating an accompanying online course, we were thrilled to collaborate once again. The challenge was to keep a clear visual link with the project website, while working within the confines of a far more structured course setup. Using unique banners from Flo Creative, we were able to bring this feeling of Africa into the course.

Sustainability Starts with Teachers’ online course in 2020 hosted over


participants from across Lesotho, South Africa and Zambia

“Pomegranite is a wonderful, professional team with innovative ideas always focused on the customer’s individual needs. The Sustainability Starts with Teachers Site is well built, with a sound LMS system in place that is not only eye catching, but works great on all types of devices. As the course content developer it was a pleasure to work with the Pomegranite team. They really listened to what I envisioned and provided continuous professional technical support during the development, launch and duration of the Online Course.”

– Dr. Wilma van Staden, ELRC, Rhodes University