We’re a boutique online presence consultancy based in Cape Town with a satellite office in Johannesburg.
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  • Why the two-factor authentication?
    Why the two-factor authentication?

    Whether you are a global superpower or an undercover cat blogger, your data is valuable. Let me explain why “password123” won’t cut the mustard and how two-factor authentication is a must have....

  • Pomegranite 2020
    2020: the year of surrender

    The question I’ve been chatting to Liz about this morning is: What do you say in a “Happy holidays!” blog after a year like 2020 without sounding like a trying-too-hard-bit-off-the-mark Hallmark card? All that makes sense is to us is to be honest and real. For me, this year has been about surrender. Never before has a lesson been delivered with such quiet (and sometimes loud) insistence....

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RWT online shop


In Ecommerce / Website development

One Ocean Hub

In Website development
Narratives of Home and Neighbourhood

Narratives of Home and Neighbourhood

In Website development
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

In Website development
Hailemariam & Roman Foundation

Hailemariam & Roman Foundation

In Website development

Crossroads School

In Website development


In Content development / Social media

Youth Capital

In Social media

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