Pomegranite Team

About us

If your website could reach people through their screens and forge a real connection, how easy would it be to build a network of support?

Crafting an online presence that communicates your impact in an authentic way is all in the detail.

The story of a girl finding her strength through your outreach programme, the moment you reached a milestone of vital healthcare consultations through new technology, or the way your school makes every student feel like they belong. It’s about communicating those moments in a way that makes the person who visits your website feel completely seen and compelled, in line with your vision – and that’s where we come in.

Pomegranite started as a partnership between two determined English literature graduates, Liz and Sarah. They set out to build a business rooted in telling stories, giving a voice to organisations doing good work and carving out a space for them in the online world.

Over the last decade, Pomegranite has grown within the non-profit and education sectors, largely through word of mouth. We are a highly qualified team of website designers, developers, project managers and content specialists.

On each new project, we start by listening to understand what you need to showcase your offering, connect to your target audience, and grow your reach. Connecting with people on a human level underpins every piece of work we undertake. This, combined with considered and dynamic design, makes for compelling digital content.

What sets us apart?

Organisations trust us to tell their story
in a way that lands with their audience and encourages connection and action.
We create thumb-stopping content

to reach people through their screens.

Clients like seeing us in their inbox

because we are responsive, responsible and value positive human connection.

online courses
You get more than a website

At the end of a project, you won’t only get deliverables; we’ll leave you with a broader understanding of storytelling as a digital marketing tool.

The team


Liz Fletcher

Grew up in a household of four children and plenty of books. MA in South African crime fiction. Delights in clear systems, communication and strategy. Camino pilgrim (and will tell you ALL about it given the chance), mountain lover, reality TV fan (only the worst of the worst) and cat mum to Kodak and Gracie.

Liz Pomegranite Individual
Liz in motion Pomegranite

Sarah Gurney

Believes in the fundamental need to feel seen, and is fascinated by how that feeds into a team environment or a client relationship. Loves reading, writing and podcasts (mostly about reading and writing). Mildly obsessed with her rescue Scottie, Eleanor. Keen traveller – whether it’s to the corner café for a chocolate croissant or to a place where the street signs are a mystery.

Sarah Pomegranite individual
Sarah Gurney Director Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy
Operations manager

Melissa Castle

Self-confessed serial planner (think Monica on Friends). Loyal, analytical and logical. Made of chocolate, pasta and MCC. Mother to one very special furbaby, Frank ``The Tank``. Feels most at home on the dance floor, soaking up the sun or watching the latest Netflix Original romcom (yes, even the bad ones).

Melissa Castle Operations Manager Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy
Melissa Castle Group Operations Manager Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy
Project manager

Jesse Jason

Knowledge sponge and free-thinker. Cat mom of three. UCT Fine Arts graduate, painter, and self taught techie. Practiced multi-tasker and project juggler. Competitive perfectionist who loves a good challenge. Professional book re-reader. Loves starting new series and never finishing them, gaming, gyming, and solving puzzles.

Jesse individual Pomegranite
Junior digital project manager

Rowan Jason

Tech junkie. Cat dad of three. Varsity College IT graduate with a passion for problem solving. Self-taught web developer. Passionate about video games, both playing and creating. Can never have enough tattoos, gaming, cooking, movies, and gyming.

Rowan Jason JuniorProject Manager Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy
Rowan Jason Group JuniorProject Manager Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy

“You guys are instantly responsive, creative, enthusiastic and make things happen. You also tackle our stupid questions with tolerance and humour. You’re the best!”


Sioux McKenna, Creating Postgraduate Collaborations