About us

Pomegranite started as a partnership between two determined English literature graduates: Liz (who was searching for something more dynamic than academia) and Sarah (who wanted to escape the high heels of the PR industry). We set out to build a business that was our own – one that we loved to rock up to every day.

Early on, we found that there was a market for assisting brands to represent themselves well online. Have you ever met an amazing person or team and then looked their company up online and thought: “Ouch, that website does not do them justice!”? That gap – between the online representation and the real world – is what we set out to close, and something that we endeavour to do on a daily basis.

And in a world awash with brands vying for attention, you need to stand out. We love nothing more than finding that thing that sets you apart from everyone else, and telling that story, well.

Our mission

Pomegranite offers an exceptional, personalised, thoughtful digital marketing service. We start by listening and understanding what you need to showcase your offering, connect to your target audience, and grow your brand. We work with non-profits, change-makers and thought-leaders to craft their online presence. We believe everyone should have a voice.

The team


Sarah Gurney

Believes in the fundamental need to feel seen, and is fascinated by how that feeds into a team environment or a client relationship. Loves reading, writing and podcasts (mostly about reading and writing). Mildly obsessed with her rescue Scottie, Eleanor. Keen traveller – whether it’s to the corner café for a chocolate croissant or to a place where the street signs are a mystery.

Sarah Gurney Director Pomegranite
Sarah team

Liz Fletcher

Grew up in a household of four children and plenty of books. MA in South African crime fiction. Delights in clear systems, communication and strategy. Camino pilgrim (and will tell you ALL about it given the chance), mountain lover, reality TV fan (only the worst of the worst) and cat mum to Kodak and Gracie.

Elizabeth Fletcher Director Pomegranite
Liz Team
Project Manager

Tomas Kranenburg

Born in Amsterdam and raised in Cape Town. The young 'un in a creative family. UCT graduate, marketer, DJ, social media manager, dancer. Firm believer in trial and error, always keen to learn new things. Avid collector of obscure dance records. Passionate about using innovations in web technology to represent traditional media in new and exciting ways.

Tomas Kranenburg Project Manager Pomegranite
Tom team
Project Manager

Melissa Castle

Self-confessed serial planner (think Monica on Friends). Loyal, analytical and logical. Made of chocolate, pasta and MCC. Mother to one very special furbaby, Frank ``The Tank``. Feels most at home on the dance floor, soaking up the sun or watching the latest Netflix Original romcom (yes, even the bad ones).

Melisssa Castle Project Manager Pomegranite
Tom team
Project Manager

Jesse Jason

Knowledge sponge and free-thinker. Cat mom of three. UCT Fine Arts graduate, painter, and self taught techie. Practiced multi-tasker and project juggler. Competitive perfectionist who loves a good challenge. Professional book re-reader. Loves starting new series and never finishing them, gaming, gyming, and solving puzzles.

Jesse Jason Project Manager Pomegranite
Jesse team
Head of Social Media

Nicole Cupido

Creative. Fast learner and forward thinker. UCT graduate, foodie, strategist, content creator and digital marketer. Lives by “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Makeup enthusiast. Occasionally dabbles with WordPress. Loves animals, avocados and being right. Drawn to social media for its fast pace and ever changing personality.

Nicole Cupido Head of Social Media Pomegranite
Nicole team
Social Media Manager

Natalie Jepson

Nature lover, can be found on the beach, swimming in the sea or exploring the mountains. Always keen for a road trip adventure. Mom to a toddler and a babe on the way, forever trying to find balance between the adventures of motherhood and self. Strong believer in female equality and diversity, deeply interested in conversations around women. Big fan of storytelling and finding exciting ways to make brands shine with authenticity.

Natalie Jepson Social Media Manager
Natalie Jepson Social Media Manager group
Social Media Manager

Charlotte Cullum

Nature, fashion, and all-things-Christmas enthusiast. Can be found soaking up the sun, gardening, and eating anything that includes Lotus Biscoff. Vega graduate and bunny mom to Humphrey. A stickler for perfection and punctuality. Loves how social media has generated innovation and creativity, and allows people from all walks of life to share their experiences with the world.

Charlotte Cullum Individual
Charlotte Cullum Group
Social Media Strategist

Anja Ritchie

Social media manager, content writer, UCT graduate. Finds joy in the patterns between social culture and social media - doesn’t understand Crocs. Born first in a set of twins and enjoys the seniority. Cinema buff, awards show enthusiast, reality show fanatic and has mastered Superbalist’s discount calendar. Passionate about equal access to resources and always willing to lend a hand and a voice.

Anja Ritchie Social Media Strategist Pomegranite
Anja team

“You guys are instantly responsive, creative, enthusiastic and make things happen. You also tackle our stupid questions with tolerance and humour. You’re the best!”

– Sioux McKenna, Creating Postgraduate Collaborations

The name

Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy The NameWe get three types of reactions to our business’s name:


People are unsure whether we know how to spell or not. They usually don’t say anything and just stare at the name for a while and then at us and then back at the name.


See that we know how to spell and that the name is a play on the fruit and the stone to create something new. Seeing the logo they usually respond with “Huh, cool.” These are obviously our favourite people.

No Reaction

The person doesn’t know how to spell the fruit, pomegranate, and hence doesn’t notice. What can you do?

If you’d like to read more about where the name came from, you can read this.