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Pomegranite goodbye 2021

A goodbye to 2021

By Sarah

A few days ago I was with someone during quite a big moment in their life, and they were really emotional. “I’ve been finding that I’m so much more maudlin this year,” they said, smiling through a real fruit salad of feelings.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot, and I don’t think that maudlin is exactly right. It’s more like, over the past two years, we’ve just been cracked open. And so there’s less of a tough shell to deflect difficult things, but it also means that the good stuff pours right in, to the core of us.

At Pomegranite, we’ve been taking turns holding up the ceiling for each other during the tough moments, and revelling in the good together (there has been so much good).READ MORE

Guy Fawkes and Anonymous

By Jesse

Since this skillshare was originally presented on the 5th of November I thought I’d do something around Guy Fawkes day, to keep it nice and contextual.

The way I got to this topic was that I was thinking of the ‘domino effect’ meme, which features a picture of a man who’s crouched in front of these dominos that increase in size. The idea is to caption the smaller domino with something, and then caption the bigger domino with something that seems wildly unrelated but is actually somehow connected – usually by some convoluted story.


How to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Superbalist

By Anja

The appeal of Superbalist is clear: it’s local, reliable, has a huge offering, and deliveries and collections are made easy. Superbalist is also particularly good at speedy returns. First tip: returns are processed even faster if you select the option to take them directly to a Takealot drop-off point, instead of waiting for them to be collected.


Your guide to self-care this holiday season

Your guide to self-care this holiday season

By Melissa

Photo by Réka T.

The holiday season is almost here! We have festive fun with family and friends to look forward to…right? We know that this joyous time can be one of the most stressful too, so follow our guide to not only surviving, but thriving this festive season.

Medical Myths quiz

Medical myths

By Jesse

There are a surprising number of medical-related myths that we’ve been told (or even taught) in our daily lives that are untrue.

Take the tongue taste zones, for example. I was taught about these in school, and there are diagrams that exist that show how the tongue is supposedly split into areas that each experience a different taste and work together to give your mouth a full range of tastes. Despite being taught in schools, this is untrue, and can easily be disproved by putting a bit of salt on the tip of your tongue – this is supposedly the area that can taste sweetness, but you can taste the salt just fine.


Petfluencer Pomegranite blog

How to turn your fa-fur-ite friend into a petfluencer

By Melissa

Photo by Karsten Winegeart

The petfluencer phenomenon is a thriving business for their digitally savvy owners. Nowadays, these furry personalities are teaming up with famous brands, selling merchandise and publishing books.

All of this is made paw-sible with the highly engaged online communities hooked on their cuteness and latest antics captured by the pup-arazzi.

Have you been thinking about creating a social media profile for your fa-fur-ite friend? Take a look below for some tips and tricks for making them Insta-famous.

The future of influencer marketing

By Mulesa

Photo from Gratisography

Love them or loathe them, influencers are a big part of our digital culture and are becoming a fixture in modern-day advertising. Many advertisers and business owners are turning to influencer marketing because influencers have become a conduit through which they can reach audiences in a more human way. I find this concept, which is comparable to the idea of a celebrity endorsement, to be fascinating and thought that a skills share would be a great way to explore it.


Constantia Glen Inspiration Day

Inspiration day: a wine wind-down at Constantia Glen

By Mulesa

Last month, we took a company poll on what we’d like to do for our next inspiration day. There was an interesting range of suggestions – a music festival (something tells me that Tom was only half-kidding about that), a cooking class (this made a lot more sense after Nicole’s skills share on the art of being a foodie) or surfing followed by some beers in Muizenberg (Sarah made it quite clear that she was serious). Two things that were popular amongst the poll responses – wine and something outdoorsy. A combo of Liz and Melissa’s choices won in the end, and so after a day and a bit of working at CHIPS coworking, we were off to Constantia Glen to indulge in some bubbly, delicious flammkuchen and fun, casual conversation!


Reconnecting in-person at CHIPS

By Anja

It’s been a little over five months since we all shared a workspace at Pomegranite. It’s funny to think how working remotely felt quite strange last year, but this year, it’s being together that seemed out of the ordinary. As we walked into CHIPS coworking earlier this month, we greeted each other with a mix of elbows, hugs, laughs and many a “It’s so great to see your legs!” As the second Pomegranite who was onboarded completely remotely, it was strange to think that this was the first time I was actually meeting the people I saw on video almost everyday (the new normal is a fascinating place!).


True Crime Pomegranite blog

Why are we hooked on true crime?

By Melissa

Photo by Joël in ‘t Veld

Everywhere you look, there’s a new podcast, series or book delving into the twisted details of solved and unsolved true crime stories. With these stories going into disturbing detail and without the comfort of knowing that the stories are made up, lately I’ve found myself wondering: why am I hooked?

It turns out that my morbid fascination with it makes more sense than I’d originally thought:READ MORE

Five things to share with us in a brief to get the website you want

Five things to share with us in a brief to get the website you want

By Liz

Photo by @bamagal

We have always found that the most successful projects are a collaboration between us and our clients. Most often, it’s clients who have a clear idea of what they want, and put careful thought into articulating it, who end up happiest. Pomegranite has never worked with pricing packages because every website and every organisation is unique, but we understand that creating a brief for a website can be daunting.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to focus on in a website brief for the best result, and also what our standard practices are so you know exactly what’s handled.READ MORE

social media manager Pomegranite

Meet Anja, our new social media manager

By Sarah

When we interviewed candidates for the social media manager position at Pomegranite, we took notes during each chat to help us remember key points about each person. 

During Anja’s interview, Liz only wrote down one word: yay! 

As soon as Anja’s second interview, which involved a chat with other members of our team, ended, Nicole said, “She reminds me of a younger me…” 

And Tom said, “Hire her immediately!” READ MORE


Pomegranite’s eighth birthday

Our usual Pomegranite birthday party obviously wasn’t an option this year, but turning eight felt like a big deal and we wanted to do something to mark the occasion.

After our alternative celebration, these were the messages sent on slack:

“My face actually hurts from smiling – thanks guys that was great! :smile:READ MORE

What is POPI and what does it mean for me and my business?

What is POPI and what does it mean for me and my business?

Photo by KT

South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act, otherwise known as the POPI Act or POPIA, became enforceable on July 1st, 2021, much to many people’s alarm. We are by no means experts on the topic, but, in wrapping our heads around it and understanding how it intersects with our work, we came across some useful resources which we thought we’d share with you to help you get a sense of what it means for you and your business.

head of social media

Pomegranite’s new Head of Social Media

By Sarah

About four years ago, we interviewed Nicole for a social media position at Pomegranite. We moved a bit too slowly and it didn’t work out – and she became known as “the one who got away”. Until a year later… when her name popped up in an application for another social media position.

I can still hear Liz’s, “Oooooh ooooooh!” as she showed me the application.

It’s been almost three years now, since Nicole became a Pomegranite. One of the things I love most about this company is that, even though it’s small, there is so much room to grow within your role, to learn, to make it what you want it to be – if you have the initiative and passion.READ MORE

prevention is better than cure

Website security: prevention is better than cure

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

By Carla

As far as our personal health and well-being is concerned, it is generally accepted that keeping your body strong and healthy is much more effective than letting it fall into ill-health and then attempting to rectify the problem. The same principle should be applied to our software and, in this particular case, our WordPress sites.READ MORE

Sleep: separating fact from fiction

By Melissa

Photo by Kat Wilcox

Sleep is complex and a little bit weird but an essential part of our overall health and wellbeing, enabling our bodies to repair and be ready to take on another day. Let’s take a look at some surprising myths and facts about this function we spend a third of our lives doing. 


Why we should buy music again

Why we should buy music again

By Tom

Photo by Edu Grande

What is the last album you bought? Can you even remember? I suspect that is the case for most people these days. As a DJ in my spare time, and just generally being a music obsessive, I find huge joy in discovering and collecting music. I also fully understand why people turn to streaming services like Spotify with its seemingly endless library, ease of use and almost psychic algorithm which just knows when you need to hear some Fleetwood Mac. Perhaps its biggest drawcard is its price point but that’s also potentially its biggest drawback. If an individual Spotify Premium plan costs only R59.99 a month, it’s hard to imagine how much of your money is actually getting to the musicians who are the platform. If you really want to support the artists you love, then it’s time you start buying their music again, whether singles, EPs or albums, because it’s more important than ever before.

How social media can support your mental health

By Mulesa

Photo by Gratisography

The negative effects of social media on our mental health are well documented. Facebook envy makes us long for the seemingly blissful existence of our Facebook friends. We stay glued to our phones because the FOMO has us believing that we need to be plugged in consistently so that we don’t miss being a part of that viral moment. We spend all of our time curating the perfect online journal of our best moments that we actually forget to live those moments. In short, social media can leave us feeling miserable, anxious, dissatisfied, lacking in confidence and disconnected from ourselves. 

That said, working in digital marketing has given me insights into the utility of social media – it can be a great source of information, a vehicle to achieve social good, a purveyor of (mostly) trustworthy news in quick time, a great awareness-raising tool, and a platform for small businesses to showcase their products. If approached carefully and correctly, social media can also benefit your mental health rather than harm it.


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