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What does the cornerstone of your online presence say about you?

Websites | Online courses | Online stores

“This is what I was looking for! You saw deep inside my heart. Thank you so much.”

– Vundi Kashamba, Unfold Africa

pomegranite services

Social media

Connect with your audience in a real way to tell your unique story

Setup & strategy | Content creation & storytelling | Account growth & management | Boosting & ad campaigns

“The Pomegranite team have a wealth of knowledge and experience, successfully guiding us through audience management, developing brand content, pixel analysis and channelling traffic to our site and sales pages. Our sales grew week on week for the three month campaign and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Charlie Drew, Grubbets

pomegranite services


Empowering you and your team to work with your digital assets

One-on-one coaching | Small group tutorials | Team workshops

“The Pomegranite training was eye-opening! It is, and will continue to be, of immense value to our organisation and its advocacy footprint.”

– Marlise Richter, Sonke Gender Justice, Policy Development and Advocacy Manager

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