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What to do when you make a mistake

Photo from Pixabay - Liz What to do when you make a mistake I made a mistake recently. While it’s never a great feeling when you mess up, we learned a lot from it, and thought that was worth sharing. Businesses rarely talk about blunders in a public setting.

Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy Client meetings 101 blog

Client meetings 101

Weve been running Pomegranite for two and a half years now, and sometimes I still feel like I need a guide for client meetings. Here are five things I took away from my last (very successful - hooray!) meeting: Check Google Maps before you leave so

field office

Meet me in the Mother City: Our top four spots

Reason #578 why I love Cape Town: it’s full of amazing coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. This means that you have approximately one million places to choose from for client meetings. Here are Pomegranite’s favourites: Field Office Who doesn’t love free, limitless wifi? No one. That’s who. The

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