emojis and marketing

The history and the hype: emojis and marketing

In digital marketing, emojis play a huge role in messaging, and the question for social media strategists, content creators, writers, and the like, becomes: “Does this capture the message we’re trying to convey?” So how did these tiny colourful icons become so crucial to the

The (very) basics of digital video

The (very) basics of digital video

In an age of Netflix and TikTok, video has never been more prevalent in everyone’s lives, but how much do we all know about the mechanics of this medium that so dominates our day-to-day? With this question in mind, I dived into the topic of

WhatsApp: the business marketing tool

WhatsApp: the business marketing tool

Step aside Salesforce, WhatsApp is ready to take your venture to the next level. WhatsApp’s business products and services are catered to those both big and small (budgets included). Aptly named WhatsApp Business, this product offers a whole host of free features that makes it

Why the fantasy with fantasy sports?

Why the fantasy with fantasy sports?

I am a live sports addict. If there is a competition taking place between teams or individuals on the other side of the globe, I’m likely tuned in. Whether it’s cricket, football, hockey, motorsport, rugby, tennis and everything in between, I can get into it.

Crowd psychology and impact marketing

Imagine you’re standing in a train carriage on your daily commute. You see a man harassing a woman, who was sitting by herself just seconds ago. You hope she’s okay. She looks really uncomfortable. Do you need to step in? Does she know this man?

Digital marketing lessons from dating apps

I thought I’d do a deep-ish dive into some of the interesting digital marketing techniques these companies have used to raise brand awareness, as well as get users to download their apps and pay for their services.

Guy Fawkes and Anonymous

Since this skillshare was originally presented on the 5th of November I thought I’d do something around Guy Fawkes day, to keep it nice and contextual. The way I got to this topic was that I was thinking of the ‘domino effect’ meme, which features

The future of influencer marketing

Love them or loathe them, influencers are a big part of our digital culture and are becoming a fixture in modern-day advertising. Many advertisers and business owners are turning to influencer marketing because influencers have become a conduit through which they can reach audiences in

True Crime Pomegranite blog

Why are we hooked on true crime?

Everywhere you look, there’s a new podcast, series or book delving into the twisted details of solved and unsolved true crime stories. With these stories going into disturbing detail and without the comfort of knowing that the stories are made up, lately I’ve found myself

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