Jesse Jason design tools

10 easy design-adjacent tools for everyone

Graphic design can be a daunting task if you're someone who doesn't consider themselves a designer, but there are so many tools out there that can help you out on the daily, and make your workflow faster. In this post I've outlined 10 design-type tools

self-care practical framework_compressed

A self-care framework (finally)

I had a conversation a few weeks ago that - not to be too dramatic - shifted the axis of my life a bit. It was with my friend Meg, and it was about self-care. Wait wait - I usually glaze over at the use of that

Mid-year social media news update

Mid-year social media news update

As a company that deals heavily with social media, it’s important to us to stay in the loop in terms of the latest social media news. With companies constantly making new changes and innovations, there’s often a lot to talk about!

Celebrating introverts at work Pomegranite

Celebrating introverts at work

Do you feel most alive in the company of others and the excitement of bustling social events? Or do you enjoy the peaceful serenity of a cosy night spent indoors?

Is DALL-E 2 the future of art

Is DALL-E 2 the future of art?

If you haven’t heard about it, DALL-E 2 is an AI system that creates an original image from a descriptive prompt given by a user. For my skills share, I gave our team a walk-through of the system and posed the question “Is Dall-E a

Noreply: Email marketing basics

Noreply: Email marketing basics

Email marketing can be a tricky topic with many nuances, and is sometimes overlooked. This blog contains an overview of the elements you can pay attention to to level up your strategy.

Pomegranite Slack workflows

Workshop your team’s workflows in Slack

Slack workflows is a great tool available to anyone with a Slack Pro account. It’s a system where you can automate certain tasks within your Slack team, so you can minimise the number of separate programmes used, and do more on Slack itself. Because Slack

Non-profit digital marketing

Understanding the unique landscape of the non-profit sector

At Pomegranite, our mission says: “We work with non-profits, change-makers and thought-leaders to craft their online presence. We believe everyone should have a voice.” We’ve refined it repeatedly over the years with our team, getting to the heart of who we want to work with, and

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