Kingsmead Book Fair

Kingsmead Book Fair

Can you capture the rich fabric of a live event – host to so many concurrent conversations – on social media in a cohesive and representative way?

As Kingsmead College’s digital marketing partner, we’ve been lucky enough to be involved in their signature annual event, the Kingsmead Book Fair, for several years now – and it just keeps getting better!

The Book Fair is held each year in late May, and is a day of in-depth discussion and heated debate with a host of dynamic authors and facilitators, not to mention delicious food, drink and a distinctly Joburg vibe.

Pomegranite built the Book Fair website, and every year we update it with the exciting new theme and authors, and run the social media campaigns in the lead-up to the event. We also live tweet on the day of the Book Fair, which is a real highlight for our team.

One of the things that people always remark on is the wide variety of topics covered. In parallel sessions you may choose to engage with a fiery panel on politics in South Africa, you could learn fun new recipes from chefs or home cooks, or you could immerse yourself in authors’ discussions of their unique character arcs. It’s this richness that makes it a pleasure to feature on social media, not to mention an exciting intellectual challenge, balancing the representation of these diverse experiences in the online space.

As you can see from the gorgeous gallery and impromptu interviews we’ve done, there’s a lot to love about the Book Fair! One of them being that all proceeds from the event go towards the Kingsmead Trust for bursaries to Kingsmead College Senior School.

“Your team are my best! Can I bottle them?

Thank you so much for all you did to make KBF’22 such a success!

From the website design, endless loading of bios and pictures, changes to the programme, requests for info to your brilliant handling of the campaign on the day, somehow managing to be everywhere and cover everything so exceptionally and with zero fuss!

We absolutely love working with your team and are so grateful for your insight, support and guidance in all things web and social media. We can’t wait to do it all again next year.”

– Alex Bouche, Director of Marketing, Kingsmead College