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Kingsmead College

Kingsmead College

Can a website convince a parent that a school is right for their child?

Pomegranite has been lucky enough to work with Kingsmead for eight years now. Just walking around this beautiful girls’ school, you can tell it’s a special place.

While recently revamping their website, we paid a lot of attention to making sure the process of learning about what Kingsmead offers their students is really clear. Each of the key areas of the site features in their navigation menu (one of the big reasons for the revamp), and one of those first items is the Admissions page, which sees the most traffic on the site. The Admissions page also houses information about important events the school is hosting, so it’s easy for parents to find.

The pages indicating the offering for the pre-school, junior school and senior school faculties were also a major part of the revamp. Previously they were divided into multiple pages each, but were condensed down into succinct sections on the same page. This was done to ensure the intended user journey was easier to follow, and in turn, help with user retention.

We adore working with Kingsmead because, even in stressful moments, they are always kind and human. Perhaps that’s why the school has such a wonderful vibe to it.

Kingsmead’s online admissions page receives over


visits per month during the admissions period

“The Pomegranite team designed and manage our website as well as help us with social media campaigns from time to time. We absolutely love working with the team. Nothing is ever too much of an ask, they are quick, helpful, professional, and just an all-round joy to work with. We couldn’t ask for better. We would highly recommend Pomegranite.”

– Alex Bouche, Director of Marketing, Kingsmead College