Signal Biologics

Signal Biologics

Can you launch an innovative product effectively with a one-page website?

The short answer is: absolutely. In fact, it can be the most strategic approach when you want to keep things simple, impactful – and budget-friendly.

Signal Biologics is the perfect example of what we mean when we say we work with “change-makers”. An emerging leader in the utilisation of microalgae to evolve agriculture, their product uses organic microalgae based biostimulants to aid germination and early stage growth in plants.

Having had a long-standing working relationship with one of the founders of Signal Biologics, we jumped at the chance to work on this project with him.

The aim in building this site was to capture the attention of the user as soon as they landed on the site – which we did with a strategically chosen video banner – and then to hold their attention while giving them just enough information about the product and the science behind it.

When you’re talking about some of the oldest forms of life on earth, responsible for around 50% of the world’s oxygen, this isn’t too difficult – because isn’t that fascinating? Breaking the copy into digestible sections and making use of icons and graphics helped ensure a smooth and pleasant user experience nonetheless.

We loved this build and the way it allowed us to show what’s possible with just a one-page site.

Did you know? There are an estimated

unique species of microalgae that exist, making up the very base of the world’s food chain.

“The Pomegranite team was exceptional to work with. From initial project scoping, ideation, design, feedback/iterations, and final website launch, the team was attentive, creative, and astoundingly efficient. Trust these folks with your project. You will not regret it!”


– Nick Donowitz, Signal Biologics