Not a criminal

Not a Criminal Campaign

How do you build a campaign that not only advocates for your audience but also for a broader, intersectional audience which experiences the same injustices in different ways?

The Not a Criminal (NAC) campaign is a partnership between many global organisations focused on those who have HIV, those who do recreational drugs, those who are part of the LGBT+ community or are gender diverse, or those who are sex workers. The initiative is spearheaded by The Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), who approached us to create a website to campaign against the criminalisation of these key populations.

In looking at the layout and content of the site, it was really important for the campaign to reiterate that the initiative is intersectional, and while the idea might have formed to focus on protecting those who are more likely to be affected by HIV, it has evolved to become much more than that.

We created inclusive and intersectional spaces by including each population in primary areas of the site. This ranged from featuring a scrolling list of relevant statistics across the top of the home page, repeating the list of key populations within major sections of the website, as well as representing each partnered organisation clearly and accessibly. 

The Resource Hub section of the site also makes exploring the challenges and solutions to criminalisation for each of the key populations easy to understand and use, and ensures that each key population has a space to gather information on the site.

It was also very important that the site protects all those who are involved. This was done by using stock images only, so it’s difficult to identify someone personally, and within the forum hosted on the site, only usernames are used, with no identifying markers like full names or images.

The website evokes the importance of the cause it stands for, while presenting solutions and resources that will help both organisations and individuals. This site will form the foundation for a wider digital campaign. It has meant so much to our team to be a part of this important work, and we can’t wait to do more.

We were also tasked with creating and managing a social media presence for the NAC campaign. We began with a deep dive into the conversations happening online in the sector, and the creative ways that organisations are working to drive change in this space. In crafting a strategy that would have the desired impact, we found the conversations we had with GNP+ fascinating and motivating.

A carefully curated community management strategy was put into place upon the launch of the campaign’s social media in order to protect the key populations involved with the campaign.

NAC’s social media has produced great results so far, and we can’t wait to see it take off.

The Not a Criminal website launched with

key resources for organisations and individuals to learn more about decriminalisation of various key populations – and this number is steadily increasing.