RX Radio

RX Radio

How do you make sure that a small website feels accessible to a highly varied target audience?

RX Radio is a radio station for and by children, situated within the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. The station empowers chronically ill children and their families to reconnect with the world around them, which is a vital step that builds resilience, improves health and well-being, and creates new opportunities for the future.

In collaboration with RX Radio we condensed their large website into a single-page site which features the most core and important information to relay the impact of their work to their donors. We kept top of mind three main ideas when brainstorming the new structure: representation of the reporters, accessibility to kids (including a feeling of playfulness), and encouraging donations to the station.

The content within the website was carefully considered to ensure that it spoke to RX Radio’s three key target audiences: funders, donors and the kids themselves. It was really interesting to work towards striking a balance between these three very different types of people, and making sure every one of them feel seen and are given the value they’re looking for when they visit the site.

RX Radio is one of the

first radio stations

in the world to have children broadcasting from within a hospital.