Zip Zap Circus

Zip Zap Circus

How do you create a user-friendly, informative website that still sparkles with the magic of a live show?

Have you heard of the Zip Zap Circus? These are a few of our favourite things about them:

  • They are all about empowering people – especially kids – many of whom come from very difficult backgrounds. All their classes are free.
  • They’re proudly South African.
  • They’re SO talented and professional – they’ve even performed for Obama at the White House.
  • A lot of the kids who start as students go off and have sparkling careers in entertainment , and then come back and teach at Zip Zap, which really shows how much of a sense of belonging Zip Zap creates, and how much love there is in their “family”.
  • The incredible stories of the lives that Zip Zap has changed.

We are so proud to have been the ones to build them a new website that captures both the magic and the substance of who they are.

The website includes an online learning platform to allow them to continue classes in the middle of the pandemic. This also opens up exciting future opportunities for Zip Zap!

“It was such a delight to work with Pomegranite. From the first briefing session the team just ‘got us!’ They not only interpreted our brief accurately, but also added so much value with additional creative elements, ideas and user-experience enhancements.”

– Roxy Mitchell, Marketing Manager, Zip Zap Circus