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Digital marketing lessons from dating apps

By Mulesa

If you haven’t used dating apps, you definitely know someone who has. In recent years, the pandemic and decreasing stigma have led to a boom in their usage and popularity. You’ve most likely heard the horror stories, downright bizarre situations, as well as the happily ever afters. Having used a few dating apps myself (seems like the only way to meet people my age these days!), I could write an entire thesis on this subject but I’ll spare you the salacious details.

Instead, I thought I’d do a deep-ish dive into some of the interesting digital marketing techniques these companies have used to raise brand awareness, as well as get users to download their apps and pay for their services.


The future of influencer marketing

By Mulesa

Photo from Gratisography

Love them or loathe them, influencers are a big part of our digital culture and are becoming a fixture in modern-day advertising. Many advertisers and business owners are turning to influencer marketing because influencers have become a conduit through which they can reach audiences in a more human way. I find this concept, which is comparable to the idea of a celebrity endorsement, to be fascinating and thought that a skills share would be a great way to explore it.


Constantia Glen Inspiration Day

Inspiration day: a wine wind-down at Constantia Glen

By Mulesa

Last month, we took a company poll on what we’d like to do for our next inspiration day. There was an interesting range of suggestions – a music festival (something tells me that Tom was only half-kidding about that), a cooking class (this made a lot more sense after Nicole’s skills share on the art of being a foodie) or surfing followed by some beers in Muizenberg (Sarah made it quite clear that she was serious). Two things that were popular amongst the poll responses – wine and something outdoorsy. A combo of Liz and Melissa’s choices won in the end, and so after a day and a bit of working at CHIPS coworking, we were off to Constantia Glen to indulge in some bubbly, delicious flammkuchen and fun, casual conversation!


How social media can support your mental health

By Mulesa

Photo by Gratisography

The negative effects of social media on our mental health are well documented. Facebook envy makes us long for the seemingly blissful existence of our Facebook friends. We stay glued to our phones because the FOMO has us believing that we need to be plugged in consistently so that we don’t miss being a part of that viral moment. We spend all of our time curating the perfect online journal of our best moments that we actually forget to live those moments. In short, social media can leave us feeling miserable, anxious, dissatisfied, lacking in confidence and disconnected from ourselves. 

That said, working in digital marketing has given me insights into the utility of social media – it can be a great source of information, a vehicle to achieve social good, a purveyor of (mostly) trustworthy news in quick time, a great awareness-raising tool, and a platform for small businesses to showcase their products. If approached carefully and correctly, social media can also benefit your mental health rather than harm it.


Making social media algorithms work for you in 2021

By Mulesa

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Why is my post reach dropping? Why am I losing more Instagram followers than I gain every time I post? Why is it that when I like one post, I’m flooded with the same kind of content all the time?

These are a few questions that have come up in conversations I’ve had with influencer and digital marketer friends. I figured that doing my skills share on social media algorithms was a good way to answer these questions, out of both personal and professional interest. I find social media quite captivating, especially the way it has grown to become such a big part of our existence as people. It’s also quite exciting (and somewhat scary) that social media algorithms, though supposedly guided by our own behaviour and interests, are seemingly designed to know more about what we want than we know ourselves.  


social media and human rights advocacy

Social media & human rights advocacy

By Mulesa

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

Social media can be a powerful advocacy tool. From mobilising action around a certain cause to raising awareness about violations of our rights, from building relationships with other organisations to amplifying fundraising efforts, there are many ways that organisations whose work focuses on the advancement of human rights can use and have used social media to further their work. They have adopted similar approaches when it comes to creating their social media strategies and, over the last few years, five major marketing trends have emerged.READ MORE


Self-care: more than just a buzzword or marketing ploy?

By Mulesa

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

What does self-care mean to you? Nowadays it feels like the term is thrown around with little thought as to what it means exactly. Self-care has become synonymous with bubble baths, marathon shopping sprees and stuffing your face with decadent baked goodies while binging on your favourite Netflix shows, but it can be so much more meaningful than that. In her enlightening and moving TedxCrenshaw Talk on the subject matter, public health specialist, Portia Jackson-Preston, discusses the missing ingredient from self-care as we understand it today. This was the inspiration behind my skill share on self-care.READ MORE

Four ways to use TikTok for marketing

By Mulesa

Photo by Kon Karampelas

For the longest time I resisted jumping on the TikTok bandwagon. I really enjoyed the clips of viral challenges and soundbites of inspirational words that popped up on my Instagram and Facebook but dismissed it as a platform for Gen Z kids on which I had no place. However, I remained deeply fascinated by China’s social media sensation and after using it myself, I’ve developed an appreciation for its raw and real approach to social media.

I was also inspired by my work in social media marketing to explore how TikTok could be used for business. Here’s a brief overview of four ways that brands, big and small, can make the most out of the platform to market themselves.


black lives matter

Beyond #BlackOutTuesday: navigating social media during social unrest

By Mulesa

Photo by Clay Banks 

In the past two weeks, our social media news feeds have been filled with news on George Floyd – an African-American man who tragically died at the hands of a white police officer while he was being arrested – and the subsequent revival of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests in the United States and beyond. In addition to the powerful images of his face and gatherings of protestors in Australia, South Korea and the UK posted over every social media platform, there have been impassioned calls to end violence against black people, systemic racism and police brutality across the world. Closer to home, names like Collins Khosa, Petrus Miggels and Robyn Montsumi dominate news headlines.

Offline activism also moved to the online space with users showing their support for those at the frontlines of protest action using hashtags like #ICantBreathe, #SayTheirNames and #BlackOutTuesday, which was born out of a music industry initiative in the US. Although initially for entertainers, big brands and ordinary people alike joined the initiative, the aim of which was to go silent on social media and use the time to reflect on current events. Users also posted a single black square as their profile picture on Facebook and Twitter or to their grid on Instagram as a symbol of solidarity with the BLM movement. Aside from some of the controversy around the symbolic sea of black squares on social media, the hashtag prompted a much-needed online exchange of information about BLM. It also raised some valuable questions about online activism, especially for digital marketers.READ MORE

Mulesa Lumina

Meet Mulesa

Starting a new job is always a bit nerve-wracking. Starting a new job, remotely, during a worldwide pandemic, adds another layer to the experience, you could say.

But the wonderful Mulesa has taken it all in her stride and she’s been a joy to work with during these strange times.

Joining us as a junior social media manager, she has a broad range of interests and talents.READ MORE

wordcamp building

An intern’s experience at WordCamp 2018

By Alex

What made this event super cool was that our first day was jammed with socialising, networking and WordPress talks that involved testing new developments (like Gutenberg) and then being able to give our feedback (all while having Truth coffee delivered to us). The second day moved on to talks about the WP community and what it’s done for people around the globe, and more specifically in Africa.READ MORE

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