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Meta ads shewalksthewalk

Amplifying your brand’s voice through Meta ads

Slicked-back hair and impeccable suits have given way to comfy pants and Zoom meetings. Newspaper ads and billboards have transformed into carefully curated Facebook posts and Instagram stories.

How to build brands with character

How to build brands with character

What makes a brand memorable? Is it that inspiring ad that we can't seem to stop talking about, the vibrant logo that we instantly recognise, or is there something deeper that goes beyond aesthetics?

Celebrating introverts at work Pomegranite

Celebrating introverts at work

Do you feel most alive in the company of others and the excitement of bustling social events? Or do you enjoy the peaceful serenity of a cosy night spent indoors?


Using technology to drive positive social change

It's hard to overstate the influence of technology on our daily lives. From the ways we connect with each other on social media to the ways we shop and even fall in love. But, what's even more exciting is the way technology has become an

Two pieces of a puzzle

Have you found that feeling?

Over the years, I've come to realise that it’s not the ‘power’ or ‘value’ of social media that people need to learn more about; What is missing is a feeling. A sense of belonging, knowing there’s a place on social media that fits and is

Pomegranite social media engine

Catching up with the social media engine

As a remote working team, it had been some time since we worked together in person. Things that I used to take for granted in the office, like eye contact, in-the-moment brainstorms and jokes, feel extra special, and in some ways more meaningful than they

Tom's month-long European sabbatical

Tom’s month-long European Sabbath

After two years in a pandemic-restricted world, a week-long music festival on the Albanian coast in the middle of summer seemed like the perfect tonic. What to do both before and after slid into place quickly (thanks in large part to Tash’s knack for planning

The (very) basics of digital video

The (very) basics of digital video

In an age of Netflix and TikTok, video has never been more prevalent in everyone’s lives, but how much do we all know about the mechanics of this medium that so dominates our day-to-day? With this question in mind, I dived into the topic of

WhatsApp: the business marketing tool

WhatsApp: the business marketing tool

Step aside Salesforce, WhatsApp is ready to take your venture to the next level. WhatsApp’s business products and services are catered to those both big and small (budgets included). Aptly named WhatsApp Business, this product offers a whole host of free features that makes it

Why the fantasy with fantasy sports?

Why the fantasy with fantasy sports?

I am a live sports addict. If there is a competition taking place between teams or individuals on the other side of the globe, I’m likely tuned in. Whether it’s cricket, football, hockey, motorsport, rugby, tennis and everything in between, I can get into it.

Digital marketing lessons from dating apps

I thought I’d do a deep-ish dive into some of the interesting digital marketing techniques these companies have used to raise brand awareness, as well as get users to download their apps and pay for their services.

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