Pomegranite poetry skills share

Poetry prompts and good rivers

The title of my most recent skills share was: Poetry. (Again, I know. Sorry. Sort of.) As you can see, it’s not the first time the team has been treated to a jaunt down this lane. My reasoning is not just that I love poetry. It’s that it’s

self-care practical framework_compressed

A self-care framework (finally)

I had a conversation a few weeks ago that - not to be too dramatic - shifted the axis of my life a bit. It was with my friend Meg, and it was about self-care. Wait wait - I usually glaze over at the use of that

Normalise saying I feel overwhelmed

Can we normalise saying, “I feel overwhelmed?”

Twice in the last month, members of my team have said to me, some version of, “I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed - can we talk about it, please?” Why am I writing a blog about this? Because I think it’s amazing. Not that people feel overwhelmed

Adulting 101

We’re in a book about how to be an adult

Even though we’ve done this for nine years now, it’s still hard to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to starting your own business. When feminist writer and researcher, Jen Thorpe, asked us a few questions about entrepreneurship for her latest book, Adulting

Why the fantasy with fantasy sports?

Why the fantasy with fantasy sports?

I am a live sports addict. If there is a competition taking place between teams or individuals on the other side of the globe, I’m likely tuned in. Whether it’s cricket, football, hockey, motorsport, rugby, tennis and everything in between, I can get into it.

Guy Fawkes and Anonymous

Since this skillshare was originally presented on the 5th of November I thought I’d do something around Guy Fawkes day, to keep it nice and contextual. The way I got to this topic was that I was thinking of the ‘domino effect’ meme, which features

Your guide to self-care this holiday season

Your guide to self-care this holiday season

The holiday season is almost here! We have festive fun with family and friends to look forward to…right? We know that this joyous time can be one of the most stressful too, so follow our guide to not only surviving, but thriving this festive season.

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