Frank Magwegwe

Frank Magwegwe

How do you house several brands cohesively on one website?

Frank Magwegwe is a financial planning researcher, life planner, educator, academic, and professional speaker with a passion for helping individuals and families through the development of a sense of purpose and good financial habits.

Having gone from being homeless to becoming CEO of Momentum Administration Services, before moving on to study at Harvard (and other exciting ventures), Frank’s life has been an incredible journey.

We originally built him his own website and then another for his Thrive practice, but as his career evolved, he wanted one umbrella site that spoke to all facets of his offering. His new site not only showcases his own talents, but his colleagues’ too, not to mention his ongoing collaboration with Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

Frank is such an interesting thinker, and offers such important services that have a hugely positive impact on the lives of so many people. But the primary reason we love working with him is his genuine warmth; you come away from every interaction feeling happier – usually with something very interesting to mull over as a bonus!

Every year, Frank delivers over


keynote speeches to top organisations.

“Every time I engage with your company, I get a wow experience. Oh my word! The Pomegranite team has done it again. You nailed it! Thank you so much. I am a thrilled client indeed.”

– Frank Magwegwe