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Another inspiration day at Clay Café

By Sarah

It’s been a while since we had a proper inspiration day, and it didn’t take long to decide what we were going to do. We needed more plates for our office. Solution: Clay Café. Again. I think it was our fourth visit? It’s a unanimous favourite.

When Riyad caught wind of this plan he sheepishly asked if he could please join us, even though he isn’t technically a Pomegranite anymore (he still rents a desk in our office though, because we’re just too hard to leave, even if you do start your own business).READ MORE

Inspiration Afternoon at the Clay Café

By Carla

Each month Pomegranite endeavours to get out of the office as a team and do something different, fun and, most importantly, inspiring. This past Friday we went on an afternoon trip to Hout Bay and had a creative session at the Clay Café.


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