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New year, new goals

By Sarah Hello and happy 2018! We hope you had a wonderful break and that you’re getting into the swing of things. Those first few days without an afternoon beer and nap can be tough. Because no one feels like writing (or reading?) a lengthy, technical post so

Goodbye 2016!

I think I’d been working at Pomegranite for less than a week when everyone told me about how excited I should be for our year-end party/inspiration day. Riyad even dubbed last year’s one as one of the best days of his life. The five month buildup was

Why it’s important to unplug sometimes

- Sarah I recently went on a two-week holiday to Thailand and Cambodia, which was pretty magical. Before I left, one of the things I was most looking forward to (besides the white-sand beaches, daily massages and sunset cocktails – I know, I don’t like me

Five steps to readjusting to work life after a holiday

If you have come anywhere near my social media accounts lately, you might have noticed that I have just spent two weeks in the Philippines. I needed a holiday badly – and this was a proper holiday. I mean…  Ja. So there’s that. Being on remote islands meant

Five reasons why you should go on holiday

Is this a strange blog title? I feel like most people don’t need to be TOLD to use their leave days and book a holiday. But when you have your own business that hasn’t been in operation for too long, you need to be told.

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