Five reasons why you should go on holiday

Is this a strange blog title? I feel like most people don’t need to be TOLD to use their leave days and book a holiday. But when you have your own business that hasn’t been in operation for too long, you need to be told. Because it’s hard.

Pomegranite has been around for almost two years now and things are going so well. We’re growing quickly and have a wonderful base of clients that we love working with. Life is pretty good.

But in those two years I don’t think I have switched off and not thought about the business for more than an hour or two. In all seriousness. Even on weekends away – even on the odd long weekend away – it’s like leaving your toddler behind. You constantly worry about it.

We decided when we started the business that we would give ourselves 15 days of leave a year – the minimum legal requirement. And do you think we have used even close to that each year? Nope.

When it was just me and Liz, it was a massive ask, leaving the business in the hands of one person. A lot of pressure and extra work, and not something you could really do for very long. And even if you did, you would never stop thinking about it.

But now – now! – we have two more wonderful people on our team. Our newest Pomegranite will be joining us on 1 June (so stay tuned to hear more about this lovely lady), and for the first time I feel like a proper two week break (unplugged) is a possibility. And man, that is exciting. Every travel-related post on social media catches my eye. Incredible holiday destinations are everywhere and people talk about it all the time. It’s like I’ve only just noticed this now.

That said – it’s still hard. I still struggle with the idea of a two week break, which seems like the ultimate extravagance. So I have done some research. You guys, this is why Science says you need a proper break. Science.

  1. Time away will give you more energy on a daily basis.

Well that makes sense. Lately I have just been feeling exhausted. And it’s not the kind of tired that an invigorating pilates class can fix anymore.

  1. Holidays are a chance to take a step back from your life and get a bit of perspective.When you interrupt the routine of your everyday life, you are able to see more clearly if there is anything you would like to change. You need to be removed from it in order to get a clear sense of things, sometimes. And what better way to step outside “normalcy” than to explore an entirely new place you’ve never been?
  2. A vacation will help you live up to 20 years longer.

So this is the result of a study by the State University of New York. It seems that in order to cash in those extra two decades, you have to take a vacation every year, though. We’re going to have to get better at this leave-taking malarkey.

  1. It’s often during a break from work that people come up with their best ideas.

Well that I do believe. And it’s the rationale behind our monthly inspiration days, where we get out of the office and do something fun, sniff the breeze and chat about the business and where it’s going, etc. A two week holiday is just an inspiration day on steroids, I guess.

  1. THIS. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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