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prevention is better than cure

Website security: prevention is better than cure

As far as our personal health and well-being is concerned, it is generally accepted that keeping your body strong and healthy is much more effective than letting it fall into ill-health and then attempting to rectify the problem. The same principle should be applied to

Why the two-factor authentication?

Why the two-factor authentication?

Whether you are a global superpower or an undercover cat blogger, your data is valuable. Let me explain why “password123” won’t cut the mustard and how two-factor authentication is a must have.

CSS skillshare | position: absolute;

We have had a busy, stressful few weeks at Pomegranite: big projects, tight deadlines and long days. I decided to do a hands-on, practical tutorial to plunge everyone's brains into the deep end and perhaps flip the reset button at the same time.

on the importance of updates pomegranite online presence consultancy

On the importance of WordPress updates

Photo from Unsplash By Carla So you want a WordPress website, you contact some lovely developers (like Pomegranite), they build you a site and once it is live you never log in again. A few months down the line you find some kind of issue on the site.

We are five Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy

We are five!

By Carla This past Friday, we at Pomegranite put on our 5th birthday bash at The German Club in Gardens. To give you an idea of the success of our party, I will begin at the end: Tom, Liz and I  on stage at The Manila Bar

google maps platform Google Map

Embedding a Google Map on your website now requires a credit card

Image from Pixabay By Carla In May, Google announced that it was renaming its Map services to 'Google Maps Platform' and merging "Standard and Premium plans to form one pay-as-you go pricing plan for [their] core products." If you have a website with a map embedded onto your

form-and-incognito-http-bad-verbose Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy

“Your connection to this site is NOT SECURE”

- Carla On the 27th of April, Google announced that from the beginning of October 2017 "Chrome will show the “Not secure” warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode." You may be

Desk habits Pomegranite

Desk habits

By Carla Sitting at a desk all day is not healthy, but something that's a reality for most of us. We've compiled a few tips to help keep your body happy. Practice the 20/20/20 rule Every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet (six metres) away for 20


If you aren’t using Canva, you should start today!

- Carla Last year I was introduced to an online graphic design app called Canva. Today, I don’t know how I would work without it (I use it every day). This is why I love it: There are loads of premade templates (social media ads, header images, profile

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